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03891: Chaos Toad Sorcerer

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3 hours ago, Argentee said:

Gorgeous paint job! I am soooo jealous of your skill!


3 hours ago, Mothsniper said:

Wow! That is quite impressive!



Thank you!


2 hours ago, Rigel said:

Magnificent paint job, both on the skin and eyes and on the smoking ember-orb!


Thanks! The orb was a fun paint and I had a few lava bomb pictures fore reference.


2 hours ago, Stonebred said:

This is outstanding. Your careful linework really makes this pop. Great job!


Thanks! I really like dark-lining, it sort of soothing to me. Doing his scars though tested my patience. If you look closely the lining of the scars is rough but that was intended to give the scars a bit of texture.


1 hour ago, Darcstaar said:

Excellent, smooth, clean!  I love all the little details.


Thanks! Yeah, I love all the details that Izzy Included in the design and that Andy sculpted. It really gave it some character. I usually am not drawn to monster figures but this one got me hooked. 

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Beautiful smooth transitions there - looks just like a green tree frog. The lava bomb is a nice touch.

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6 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor excellent frog meme


4 hours ago, Dr Boom said:

Beautiful smooth transitions there - looks just like a green tree frog. The lava bomb is a nice touch.


27 minutes ago, Iridil said:

Beautiful skin... such smooth paint and details and love the orange poppies!


Thank you!

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18 hours ago, Warlady said:



Thank you!


10 hours ago, Metalchaos said:

Beautiful work, I like everything about it. The skin blend is so smooth and the eyes and gem are outstanding.


Thanks! The eyes were a challenge as I have mostly done human eye ps up to this point and toad eyes have a lot of detail that would be difficult to do at this scale. I am glad you like the jewel as the color was a gamble. I didn’t want to bring in another color and I wanted to use the red on something else, not just the cloth. Even while painting it I wasn’t sure it would work until I painted on the reflection dot. Finished, I love it and it may be the best jewel that I have done.

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    • By SGHawkins09
      This was one of my diorama entries for ReaperCon featuring miniatures from Dark Sword Miniatures. I had diorama ideas centered around the female figure occupying my mind for a while before I settled on this one. I tried a few other figures with her but nothing fit until I got the male figure and then added the wolf. I am very happy with how it came together and was very pleased that it received a Gold medal in the Diorama Category. I also was honored to receive second place diorama from Dark Sword.

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      Tried some cork on the base aswell, happy enough on the results, following bases were better though.

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      I was painting Kieran Tallowmire. I was quite apprehensive as I found that miniature to be quite daunting will all the detail (books, candle, familiar on shoulder ...). I first wanted him to be different ... so no grey robes, no blue robes ... I went for green, which totally did not work out. So he ended up with blue robes (was the easiest way to salvage the wreck that "dark green" had done).
      Of course, the way he is holding the book and his hand, he is conjuring something,  but if green had worked, I would not have had an idea what - a plant maybe? Blue robes - water mage, water elemental. So I remembered that somewhere in my stash of 3D print files, where was a baptismal font, which looked like it could be used with Kieran.
      The next idea was to get some water sprite / elemental that was conjured out of the font ... and with a 3D file you can scale and reduce the size, so that is what I did with a water elemental / Water snake I had.
      A couple of mishaps later (me using liquid water for the first time, for example, and discovering that my version dissolves normal plastic glue) ... this is the result: I really think I had some good ideas, I'm not sure if I'm satisfied with my execution - but as I usually strive for table-top quality, I think it's ok.
      The base is resin by Fenryll ... Thinking about using red on the runes outside the pentagram ... or do the blue, too? Or just leave them as they are?
      Criticism welcome.


    • By 72moonglum
      Hello everybody!
      So last night finally finished this little lady, a very petit mage sculpted by Julie Guthrie in the early eighties.  With this one, I kind of felt that her shoes were so petite that I didn't want to put neither grass nor cornmeal (for dirt) in front of them, as to not completely cover them up, so I just did a super simple base without anything.  
      I really like this figure and didn't realize how much detail she has until I got her primed and really started working on her.  I had no idea she had a rose on the top of her staff for example.

      and all the bangles she's got on and  with the chains on her left hand, couldn't really appreciate it in her unpainted state.  Before I primed her, she kind of reminded me of the Julie Guthrie Hill Giant I painted recently, where you couldn't be sure how her face was going to really look, but when you got her primed and painted she looked a lot more decent.  
      I thought the highlights on the cape were going to pop out a little bit more, but oh well. Next time I'll do deeper shadows and higher highlights!
      So hope you all enjoy!
    • By 72moonglum
      Hello all,
      here is another Hackmaster figure I completed a few nights ago, a Female elf mage, sculpted back in 2003 by Jim Johnson. This is the first time I can recall I've taken an elf and given her an "alternative" hair color, so I hope she looks okay.  This was actually a pretty fun and straightforward figure to paint, not too many hanging, dingly-dangly extras going on.
      She's one of the many Hackmaster/Kenzer and Company figures that Iron Wind Metals acquired a while back.  I'm really enjoying painting them up!
      Anyhoos, enjoy!
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