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13 hours ago, HolkDiggity said:

If you're not already a member, you should join the facebook group called "let's unite all dwarf players of the world". These would be appreciated there!


Ah, I would love to join me fellow dwarf-kin 

  Alass I do not have facebook.

10 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:






Once all is done:

1- I will base them in same way

2 - build light-box and select right color balance on phone camera, and take decent pictures.

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Reaper - Ametrine Earthlyte - 02719

Built me self lightbox. Will be retaking some old pictures.

One of the better models, easy model to paint, good sculpt.
Various shades of gray and gold color scheme.
I like this one c944477abc92c1c101da485e07ff06d8.gif


Dwarvs_Reaper_ Ametrine Earthlyte (1).jpg

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Reaper - Annasha Tomebreaker - 14482
I like this model, despite the fact that I can't do much with that face... will get another one for conversion at a later time.
I coudln't figure out color scheme for this one. I just wanted an enchanted sword and divine mace.

Dwarvs_Reaper_Hero_Annasha  Tomebreaker (1).jpg






Reaper - Khael Stonekindle, Dwarf Wizard - 77075
One of the better models for sure. Super easy to paint, well sculpted.
Wanted this guy to be a gray-traveler, and he turned out extra dirty and shiny because I used wood-stain to shade and seal the model.

Woodstain does no have the same effect it does on GW models.
Defiantly will do another one with conversion with a better staff.

Dwarvs_Reaper_Hero_Khael Stonekindle  Dwarf Wizard (1).jpg

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Reaper - Barden Barrelstrap, Dwarf Cleric - 77383
One of me favorite models, even if staff is misaligned.
Pose adds alot of character and story to the model, making painting process more fun.

Bluebeard Forge Priest at your service.

Dwarvs_Reaper_Hero_Barden  Barrelstrap Dwarf Cleric (1).jpg






Reaper - Klaus Copperthumb, Dwarf Thief - 77479
This model is super easy to paint, however it is quite hard to make it work.
It was a bit of a challenge for me to make model not bland.
Turned out muddy and dirty, perfect!

Dwarvs_Reaper_Hero_Klaus  Copperthumb Dwarf Thief (1).jpg

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Reaper - Logrim Battlefury, Dwarf Paladin - 77397

Went for dirty beaten armor and bright fiery garb.
  Sword is forever bent due to deflecting a deadly blow form old enemy, the Palastica PakatgGin!     
Palastica PakatGin has cut down many, through the years, in their prime.


Could have reforged the blade through BoilingWater/Cooling method, but though its fine as is.
  Possible conversion model for future.




Dwarvs_Reaper_Hero_Logrim Battlefury Dwarf Paladin (1).JPG

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Reaper - Horgun Blackfletch, Dwarf Bowman - 03564

This is the very fist guy I painted from Reaper. Old paint job, finished with WoodStain.
  Not many dwarfs sport a bow, preferring gunpowder or a crossbow.
  Unique model indeed.  



Dwarvs_Reaper_Hero_Horgun Blackfletch  Dwarf Bowman (1).JPG





Reaper - Herryk, Dwarf Cleric - 77220
Eaelier paint job as well.
Went with Purple/Yellow color scheme, unfortunately WoodStain finish ruined the bright/light paintjob.
Because finish is glossy and oil based, no point in stripping and acrylic wont stay on surface.

A repaint of another one is in order with same color scheme. For now, one off the list.

Dwarvs_Reaper_Hero_Herryk Dwarf Cleric (1).JPG

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Reaper - Dwarven Miners - 06040

Got total 10 Miners, 5 with lanterns and 5 with picks.

WoodStain finish worked ok-ish on these guys.
And some conversion work was in order. Just to add variation to same model.




Dwarvs_Reaper_Hero_Miners  (1).JPG

Dwarvs_Reaper_Hero_Miners  (5).JPG

Dwarvs_Reaper_Hero_Miners  (15).JPG

Dwarvs_Reaper_Hero_Miners  (14).JPG

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Reaper - Gruff Grimecleaver, Dwarf Pirate - 77133
Freshly finished.
Decent sculpt, and a very easy and enjoyable model to paint.
Easy access to the face and large flat areas for some details.

Blacksand Buccaneer :) 

Dwarvs_Reaper_Hero_Gruff Grimecleaver Dwarf Pirate (1).JPG

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On 10/9/2019 at 6:29 AM, Lord of the Dish Pit said:

Agamenthar the Coffee God approves of this project!

Thanks for putting this up, it'll make a great reference for my Coffee Dwarf project I've been building up a backlog of Reaper Dwarves for. 

Coffee Dwarfs, sounds interesting!

  Glad you enjoyed the project.







Reaper - Dwarf Butcher - 77460

Absolutely awesome sculpt!
  Not only model is well sculpted, but it appears to be also sculpted specifically for painting it.
Making painting process easy and enjoyable.

A bit different type of a dwarf from other Reaper line in apperance, this guy looks a bit warcrafty

Went with muted color palate, and used mostly washes.

Dwarvs_Reaper_Dwarf Butcher  (1).jpg

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