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The way of the Dawi-kin A goal of Acquiring every single Reaper Dwarf and painting em up. Master check list has been put together that will be updated with time. Any duplicate model will rece

Reaper - Dwarf Slaver - 77298 Honestly the worst sculpted miniature for painting I had experience with to date. And I did not have much experience at all, but still! With weird man tits, nipple

Reaper - Dwarven Miners - 06040 Got total 10 Miners, 5 with lanterns and 5 with picks. WoodStain finish worked ok-ish on these guys. And some conversion work was in order. Just to add variat

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On 8/7/2020 at 12:58 PM, Russell said:

I really like the colours of Stonekindle and Copperthumb.  Overall, this is quite an impressive endeavour.

Thank you




Reaper - Borin Ironbrow, Dwarf Adventurer - 07011

Because this guy was special and came with 3 weapons I decided to try some extra painting effort. Just to see what I can do with famed (none metal metal).
  I do not know how to blend, but I know how to crosshatch.

   Awesome sculpt, and mold!  Came with 3 weapon options.
But why pick one weapon when you can spend a day drilling tiny holes, gluing tiny magnets, and sculpting with GrayStuff the damage from the drilling?!









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Reaper - Ivar Dwarf Priest - 77417

Some of these are cool but not without flaw.  The details are so many, and mold is not very crisp, result in things blending into A shape.

  Is the hammer suppose to be like that? or is it a miscast...
Secretly fist pumping because I like to convert things.  

This guy looked like a dark ash-wood priest.  Turned out better than i expected :)




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Reaper - Bailey Silverbell - 77072

Interestingly enough, Werner Klocke sculpted both. Is it me or are the leg pose the same, same torso, and  ?same face?   If yes then very clever! approve!

I seriously have no idea how to get pupils for both of the eyes in same exact spot, so both eyes look same.  For it its a matter of luck for me, ether both eyes will workout and appear similar, or just retry, retry, retry, give up and call it good enough.




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Reaper - Shardra, Iconic Shaman - 60180

90% Washes over white primer.  I think this technique is growing on me, primarily because of its speed.  
Digging the ones in metal, the detail is super crisp.


Absolutely amazing sculpture! Not only it is well sculpted but it is actually designed for a painter to paint it!  No stupid undercuts, no unnecessary hard to get to details, all details are close on surface and easy to access! Was very enjoyable to paint
  Very Few can stand head to head with GamesWorkshop on the quality of sculpts, the design for painters, and the quality of the molds. This one nailed everything flawlessly!
Most of miniature companies and sculptors fail in the design for painters area thinking it is all about how cool the final sculpt will look, FOOLS!


One HUGE DOWNSIDE, Does not really look like a dwarf... But that is Wayne's fault! ;)  



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On 9/15/2020 at 12:43 AM, Glitterwolf said:

Wow that face is beautiful!

Thanks to the good sculpt!  very large eyes allowed my unsteady hand to paint in upper And a lower lid lashes.

On 9/17/2020 at 1:09 AM, deathly halliwell said:

This thread is so amazing, as a lover of Reaper dwarves you're doing a great service. Shardra looks fantastic, looking foward to seeing more!

Thank you! me too

On 9/17/2020 at 7:54 AM, 72moonglum said:

I’d say she looks dwarfy enough very nicely painted. 

That is what i though as well. 





Reaper - Margara, Dwarf Mage - 14082

Very good sculpt and mold.
Black, white and some dark leather with a highlight color of red.





Reaper - Dwarf Forgemaiden - 14518

I tried... 3 times, to fix the right eye, fail give up, goodenough, moving on.
  Black, White, dark leather, and a highlight color of blue



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    • By Cicciopiu
      I leave this here:


      Looking quite good! I'm backing for the character set.
    • By Thrym
      Tor Skullcrusher,
      dwarven tattooed monk
      A Custom Miniature developed on Hero Forge and 3D printed by a friend
      As mentioned in the Work In Progress, this is a character of mine from an existing campaign.  The character has died once and was raised from the dead suffering a drop in his already low Charisma score as a result.  His caved-in skull didn't heal properly and the concussion and time in limbo have left him "off" personality wise.
      So, with damaged head and tattoos adorning his arms and the opposite side of his skull, I present the embodiment of his family surname, Tor Skullcrusher. 




      These were taken with a single strip light source so I may come back to this and take some more pics with two background lights.
      As always, feel free to leave notes and praise as warranted.  
      Thanks for looking.
      Enjoy and Stay safe.
    • By Thrym
      Tor Skullcrusher,
      dwarven tattooed monk
      A Thrym Project  :: A Custom Miniature developed on Hero Forge and 3D printed by a friend.
      Started working on character of mine who is a Dwarven Tattooed Monk.  As I mentioned, I created him using Hero Forge, downloaded the .STL, and had him printed elsewhere.

      I enjoy using the interface on Hero Forge so far.  I have designed and purchased 3 STLs and 2 minis.
      Once I received the print, I made a manual adjustment to his skull.  An ironic happenstance, given the character's name.
      Tor, being a dwarf and confident in his skills against ogres was going toe-to-toe with a rather large ogre with a great club.  This is not something unusual so far.  The party had been exploring an ogre controlled encampment searching for an item and information for a tribe of centaurs nearby.  Unfortunately, Tor suffered a critical hit from the Ogre Champion's club and took a lot of damage when he was already near unconsciousness.  He effectively had his namesake applied to his own noggin.

      So I removed a large segment of his skull by the patch to approximate the results of his disfigurement once the party ... eventually ... managed to raise him from the dead.  His demeanor and appearance was never pleasing to begin with and now it's even worse.
      I painted on a primer coat first so I could see where I was removing plastic better.  The majority of the work was done with a rounded mini-file as well as a small gouge chisel.  I cleaned up the space with a small sanding twig.
      For a color scheme, his pallid skin is Reaper's Fair Skin.  The coat is Army Painter's D&D Vampire Garments with Army Painter D&D Mouldy Wash.  I put the wash over his skin and his hand wraps as well.  The coat's trim is just the Vampire Garments again.


      For the tans I used Reaper's Desert Sand, Desert Stone, Desert Tan, and Woodland Brown; or some combination thereof.  The eye patch, the lining of the coat and the belt are Army Painter's D&D Wraith Black as well as the tattoos on his right and left forearms and the side of his head.
      His boots started out as Reaper's Coal Black but I need to reshake the bottle before going back to it.
      Yes, I know the pics and the paint wash are a little dark, but the next set of pics will be better lit.  I am planning on layering his highlights up to brighter points. 
      More work to come soon.
      Stay Tuned and Safe.  Enjoy.
    • By Rigel
      The City Watch. Charged with lantern and truncheon to keep the peace and vigilantly guard against threats thereunto. Again, I'm a sucker for the buckled slouch hats and the shoulder-draping collar.
      Midlam's Halflings again, featuring Kate Redhanded:

      more angles:
      ...and Clubbo Drubbins. Can't say I did such a good job on his lighting as on Kate's, but can for sure say I've done worse. 

      Bringing light into dark places:


      "Halt! Who goes there!"

      And a whole crowd of citizens ready to deal with thieves, spies, monsters, witches, or rat-men. 

      (Guest appearances by Abram Duskwalker and Mira, Damaris Duskwarden, Sheriff Drumfasser, and the Gravedigger.)
    • By Rigel
      Let's meet Will Chandler, Midlam's halfling candlestick-maker. (Strictly I think a candlestick maker is a silversmith or pewtersmith rather than a chandler, but I don't work for Midlam and this sculpt is too good and evocative to complain!) So much character on display. This one is an exercise in OSL, having no fewer than four light sources, and I can't pretend to have done it much justice with painting; those candle stubs are tiny. Am happy with the lighting on one or two pictures though!

      An uncanny encounter after dark:

      With a few other citizens
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