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On 9/23/2019 at 6:08 PM, Chaoswolf said:

I can't draw to save my life, but I may try to twist some of those ideas around and apply them to miniatures. We'll see.


This is my plan as well! I may not succeed in arting every single day, but I'm going to try! ^_^



--OneBoot :D 

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On 9/23/2019 at 8:08 PM, Chaoswolf said:

I can't draw to save my life, but I may try to twist some of those ideas around and apply them to miniatures. We'll see.


22 minutes ago, OneBoot said:


This is my plan as well! I may not succeed in arting every single day, but I'm going to try! ^_^



--OneBoot :D 


I would love to see what you guys would make of this using minis!

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While I was watching the live feed (which is still going! ) I cleaned off the computer desk. And I got to looking around, and I found some forgotten pens, and there was some paper (but none of my sketch books present) but while I was listening I started drawing anyway. 


I was going to do a Neolithic henge of stones for the day one theme of: Ring. But around lunchtime I had a different idea.


R I N G  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  E C L I P S E

Managed to incorporate two themes in one drawing. 

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Some great stuff so far! Wow!


My contribution, taking from "eclipse" and "hummingbird."



I tried conveying translucency on the wings against the moon, not sure if I quite got there. Pretty happy with the result, though.

This is about 5 inches on a side. Pencil sketch, Pilot Razor Point lines, Prismacolor marker for the fill.

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Going to preface with... I cannot draw. But I like to sketch or doodle. Do I need to use ink? Or is pencil fine?


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Inktober seems to care about ink...Drawlloween is more inclusive. Artober likes everything!


So, yeah, pencil is great if you ask me.

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Does anyone know how to copy paste hashtags for Instagram ?  I am finding it to be a hassle to have to manually type them.  Never ^ mind. 


I found a workaround. Very first post to Instagram created.


@Pingo thank you for figuring out a thorough set of tags; (I mighta nicked some of yours :ph34r: ); it never would have occurred to me to include as many variations.


Edited by TGP
Slowly learning Instagram.
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    • By Ekaterina
      Hi!! my name is Katerina and I'm new to painting miniatures, I begun 
      with a miniature from NonSenseminiatures, the Barbarian, I buyed the 
      54mm because it's bigger and maybe easier to paint.
      I asked some help to NonSense and he already made a base coat for me, I 
      would like to get some help for painting because I see too much 
      information and don't know were begin.
      I already make painting but totally different
      Also he gave for me a discount code Katerina10%, because he will sell my 
      paints also!!!

    • By SamuraiJack
      Hello, and welcome to the Foglio Portfolio!
      Kaja and Phil Foglio have illustrated 117 cards for Magic: The Gathering, with their first image included in Magic's very first expansion, Arabian Nights.  Here are all of the cards they've illustrated for the game.
      After being away from the game for many years, the Foglios are back to offer officially licensed Playmats and Prints of their most famous and popular Magic artwork.
      The Foglio Portfolio offers you a once in a lifetime opportunity to bring your favorite Foglio art to your gaming table.
      Each Playmat has the following features:
      Premium Stitched Edge - A brand new offering from UltraPro, each mat will have high quality stitching around every edge, ensuring that your Playmat will last a very long time. Limited Edition - We will never be reprinting any of these Playmats with a stitched edge, ever again.  This is your only opportunity, ever, to get this artwork on a stitched playmat. (Playmats are printed in units of 50, so we'll print to demand, but no more than the closest unit of 50.) Signed by the Artist - Phil and Kaja will be hand signing each and every playmat. Minimal Logos - We've worked with UltraPro and Wizards of the Coast to minimize the impact of their logos as much as we possibly can. If you don't see your favorite piece of Foglio art in the options above, don't fret!  Additional Playmats will be unlocked through Stretch Goals.  
      If we meet all of our initial Stretch Goals, Backers will be able to vote for additional designs.  The design with the most votes will be added to the project.
    • By Lord of the Dish Pit
      Inspired by the weekend question, I took some pictures of the army thus far and found that posting it in the question thread would be excessive, also that I didn't have an ongoing thread for my largest painted army so here it is. The plan is to get my Shelf of Incompleteion cleared off then work on reinforcements for this alongside my Old School Undead army. 

      Here we have the Pumpkin construct unit led by a Storybook Witch from Old Glory. I have 3 more of her, but the bag only came with the one flight stand and the Reaper ones I have don't fit, when I get around that, they'll form their own unit. Behind her is Rotpatch, and the scarecrow is hanging out with these guys until I can get a couple more. The constructs are filling the slot of core infantry.

      Here is a Ral Partha Witch leading the Pumpkin Knight heavy infantry consisting of the Halloween Knight and converted Barrow Wardens. 

      Willow Greenivy leading the skeletal Pumpkin Guard. 10 newer GW skeletions and a variety of Reaper Bones. 

      Elise with the Pumpkin Chucker and some Bones skeletal archers providing ranged support.

      A female Necromancer and the Etherial Legion of ghosts and wraiths. 

      An Iconic Witch, Pumpkin Spider, and friends.

      A converted Brettonian Sorceress with the skeletal heavy infantry. Basically, what happens when adventurers irritate the witches.

      Bats, wolves, and allied vampires. 

      Another vampire and werewolf allies.

      Zombies, ghouls, and another Reaper Witch. 

      Beastmen and hell hounds with an infernalist witch. 
    • By Bonnie Bailey
      I finally finished this project! This was a mini I got a forgotten number of years ago with an order during October. Being as this is a more modern vibe the first thing that came to my mind first is: Make her a neon Witch! This was such a joy to paint. It was my first real attempt at osl and sheer fabric. I used quite a few reaper paints but I will give you the main ones that pulled of the effects that I wanted. If you have other question feel free to ask and I will share with you what I used/did. 
      Dominant paints used:
      Punk rock pink 09286
      Marid blue 89526
      Clear magenta 09098
      Regal purple 09238
      Clear purple 09099
      Nightmare black 09280
      Fair skin 09047
      Dark elf skin 09164
      Pure black 09037
      Pure white 09039
      Let me know what you think!

    • By Orlando_the_Technicoloured
      Below you will find a sample of two cards from each of the four Suits - Citadels, Chaos, Fish and Trees. Each Suit is comprised of 14 cards (2-10, Ace, Knave, Knight, Queen and King).
      You can see more of Ian's work on his website, or you can follow him on Instagram:
      [I've removed the website links to conform to the boards rules, if you want them visit the KS]
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