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23 hours ago, Talae said:

Still not sure which list I will be using...

I plan to default to the #Inktober list but I will bounce to one of the others** if there is a day I get stumped for an idea. 


Planning to stick with Ink though. 


**so thanks for posting those extra lists. 

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8 hours ago, TGP said:

Does anyone know how to copy paste hashtags for Instagram ?  I am finding it to be a hassle to have to manually type them.  Never ^ mind. 


I found a workaround. Very first post to Instagram created.


@Pingo thank you for figuring out a thorough set of tags; (I mighta nicked some of yours :ph34r: ); it never would have occurred to me to include as many variations.



I got them the same way, by looking at what other people doing the same things were using.


I did searches on some, because I’m not sure how useful they are. #artistoninstagram, for instance, has so many people using it your post will be lost within microseconds.


Also, not sure if it’s come up, but if you use more than 30 hashtags none of your text will post.


I did learn, if you don’t use hashtags no one is going to see your posts.

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O C T 2 n d ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ M I N D L E S S




( This is the first skull I have ever tried to draw. About ~4x4 inches. Assorted Sharpie Markers On 160 gram sketchbook page.)

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So, I misremembered the Stephanie Law prompt as "dragonfly" rather than "firefly," so this prompt was "dragonfly + vampire," so I made...stirges that can hover? Seems suitably scary.


Black and red Prismacolor markers. About 8 inches square.


And, because I felt bad about using the wrong prompt:


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Day 2, "Vampire"








(Oddly enough, I had been doing so much vampire stuff in games and art the last couple of years I felt rather vampired out. This is based on a painting I made last year.)

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corrected tweet
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Appears because I've over committed myself I'm at least starting off with the half marathon version. So, here's day one, ring


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I know, I know, it is day three and I am behind......

I want to preface this with an explanation. I can not draw like you guys, I have tried. I have wires crossed and shorting each other out. I can draft. I have been trained as a draftsmen. I can draw, bit it is more of plans for buildings. The two pictures that I am going to attach are plans for a market place in a city in my fantasy world. 

Crescent City is the capital city of the Kashmeer Empire. It is a mix of Bedouin and ancient Egyptian culture. My son was playing a video game, I forget which and one if the places struck me. The result is the market I now am solidifying on graph paper. 

I am not finished, but wanted to share anyways. You might look at it and wonder what everything is, well sorry. Maybe I can get some chair time in the not so distant future and put it into CAD.  Please forgive.




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What's to forgive? You're making a thing! That's what we're here for, or else I've been seriously misled!::P:



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