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Arm! Arm! It is--the cannon's opening roar! (Nolzur Cannons)


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Between my Weird West game, a pirate one-shot I got talked into planning, and some future plans, I've no shortage of uses for these cannon from Nolzur's. One package is a pair of naval long guns that might be 12-pounders or maybe bigger calibers. The carriage isn't right for Civil War land use, but I don't care and neither will my players if they get the chance to capture a cannon. Used @HolkDiggity's excellent advice to grunge them up with Typhus Corrosion and then rusted one of them up further. They are smoother out of the box.


And then there's this magnificent bombard. Modelled after the Tsar Cannon, I believe; this is the sort of thing you use when those walls absolutely positively, NEED to be breached, or if you're besieging Vienna or something. Aroudj Firebeard included for scale. 


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Thanks for the encouragement and kind words, all! Love rusting things up. 

7 hours ago, Iridil said:

Ohh, great corrosion! Can't wait to see them in their settings... 

Wish granted! They make a cameo in today's Aztec/Conquistador post, and will certainly show up again!


11 hours ago, Dr Boom said:

That’s some excellent corrosion right there. Got the cannons for my Skull and Shackles campaign but somehow managed to miss the bombard

I wouldn't be surprised to hear it sold out fast. A fantastic sculpt (though a few hard-to-reach problem areas, as Nolzur's sometimes does). Hope you find a copy and I look forward to seeing your pirates!

13 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Great job!

The Ship's Cannons are great, I would love some of those for my pirates.


The Tsar Cannon is a monster!

Keep it up!

Yes please; I'd love to see your pirate YARRRRtillery!
The Tsar really is enormous, nearly 40 tonnes. In the real-world one the wheels are solid metal too; I suppose wood couldn't sustain the weight. 

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