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Eureka Soviet Gorilla with Dual Machine Guns


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Look at that title. Are you made of stone? You want to see exactly that thing, and brother, sister or other, THAT IS WHAT WE GOT HERE.

Painted mostly with GW contrast, reaper sample green, and some craft-store metallics. My favorite detail: the comparatively dainty holster for a big ol'  drum-fed gun.


Here's the  big fella with the rest of General Jombi's Guerilla Troops (also from Eureka, posted elsewhere):


And because I already had the camera out, here's All the Apes I Got.DSCN7105.thumb.JPG.e9e0198e22d65b5847e7be41e0f138a9.JPG

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13 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

*** Pass the Ammo and spread the Revolution! ***

Good work.

I would apply a little armor wash /black wash on the weapons though, that will provide more contrast.

Thanks! Probably should--they're about the only part of that big ape that *didn't* get black-washed. 

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