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The Next Project - A Chicken

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I managed to get a substantial amount of time to paint and I feel like I made some pretty good progress. Of course every time I show pictures I see things that need to be fixed. Like the yellow in the neck feathers needs to come down farther on the romance side and not be so abrupt. Like wise I see some pretty hard lines on the money side that need to be much better blended.



The paints for this round although I also ended up using Prussian Blue, Cobalt Blue, Pthalo Green and White


The romance side, I thought I was finished but I think I'm going to pull the yellow further down now.


Starting the body feathers, first row is green, then blue. The shoulder of the wing starts out reddish and goes to blue as well. That blue still needs some highlighting.


Close up of the romance side feathers


The chest, I brought the green a bit further down here in the front.


And the same work repeated on the money side.



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