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Ulvheim - STL-files for a stone city


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This project aims to expand the Ulvheim ruin into a full-featured ruin city for your home 3D printer. You can already download the first two releases from Thingiverse for free. There is also an earlier release with smaller houses, also available for free. Click the image to see them.

Previous ulvheim releases Previous Ulvheim releases

The pledge rewards are STL-file downloads. I will share the files using Dropbox and the download will be available for years. If you have access to a 3D printer you can print as many copies of the models as you like. You can also vary the scale for more variety. Any type of 3D  printer works but FDM is the most economical. Most models will fit inside a 120x120mm print bed. Printed parts can then be painted.

The separate pieces fit together using a clip, also printed. This way you can build several different configurations with the same printed parts. You can, of course, glue it together if you need extra stability.


I have been making 3D printable terrain since 2016. I have done one Kickstarter before. All files from that kickstarter are available in my store. But read on to the pledges before you buy anything there. I also have a Patreon page and all models done for that is released for free on Thingiverse. This includes the previous three Ulvheim releases.

All my designs on thingiverse All my designs on thingiverse

Follow our journey to Ulvheim and beyond. After a smooth trip across a calm sea we arrive in what is left of the port of Ulvheim. The promised guide is nowhere to be seen so far. Where will we go now?


Be aware! I am showing you estimates of pledge costs in USD and I try to keep a margin. Kickstarter will show you the exact cost. It might be a slight bit more, but probably a little bit less.

Click to reach my shop Click image to reach my shop
2f84f5c02314f4d0bb4557ee34352321_origina Click image to reach my shop
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@SamuraiJack Thanks for posting this - I was going to try and do that today. 

This is a pretty safe bet - Everything other than the stretch goals is already sculpted, and has been tested for 3d printing.  I had the privilege of receiving preview files, and have provided Markus at Terrain4Print with feedback and photos.  Here are some links to things I've done with these pieces:





What I really like about the Ulvheim pieces is the modular nature of them.  I've probably printed at least a thousand pieces by now, and have had a ton of fun assembling all sorts of different building and ruin configurations with them. 

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I've been so distracted by the Bones KS that I keep forgetting this KS is going on.   It's funded, and several cool stretch goals have been funded as well (such as battlements), but todays update is the coolest for me, as it features yours truly:




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