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Apocalypse Fortress - 3D Printable Fortification and Terrain

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From the calm arid deserts, we move on to a new more dramatic scenery. Worlds engaged in prolonged sieges and defensive endeavors have developed unique fortifications and barriers to block the enemies advance or break them entirely. 

Bunkers, Forts, Walls and classic defensive material are the theme of this grim campaign. Looking at the diverse range of uniquely designed defensive structures you might find yourself familiar with a few of the designs. 

Spreading the word and sharing the Campaign's Web-Link will result in more content for each of you, but more about that in the Stretchgoal section down below.

We also greatly improved our file delivery system (more about that at the bottom).


The Full Pledge Level already gives you access to all models of this Kickstarter including all reached Stretchgoals. Additionally, to the 6 Buildings, the Fortress Walls and the modular Trench System below, much more content will be unlocked through the Stretchgoals.

 -> Pictures of actual Print-Outs near the bottom of the page!

aca0638a17f218b475e176de6d9ad75b_origina Command Center
c5a90cf774adf6d5397da19d8b1f1b88_origina Infantry Command
561c5e114b194a8276defe52fec5e45f_origina The Fortress with Modular Wall System
f8ad709d40e599585eff58a7264df308_origina The Fortress with Modular Wall System
29b1ff87452358077d73bf447fc14e05_origina The Fortress with Modular Wall System (pitched roofs are optional)
48fb7ccef73cc8f0a45e5e0fe21d8936_origina Gun Emplacements
fd9427c39723b4f4e527f6f78770e011_origina Modular Fortified Trench System
7bba1ddb4442a1dd6a96b22b7ba77e92_origina Modular Fortified Trench System
20d8144acf9491f90978b5540478ec23_origina Pillbox
56fbe992b7121e57d8bcddbcdb82b75f_origina Infantry Bunker 2
0860d7ba383390c62933d117613f3e47_origina Watchtower
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