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Polyhedral Dice Advent-ure Calendar 1

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Step inside traveler! Leave the wind and snow and troubles of the road outside and have a seat by the fire. Welcome to the Holiday Tavern where all adventurers are welcome and the merriment never ceases!

Black Oak Workshop is proud to present our first Advent-ure Calendar! The holiday season is fast approaching and we have a dice themed advent calendar to help count down your season in dice-loving style. Inside this calendar you will find 24 custom polyhedral dice that feature all new, never before seen designs. They come in holiday themes and colors to lend some special magic to your season!


This is a very simple project. Production samples of all aspects of the project have already been completed, reviewed and approved. Based on this and the timetable for production, we have decided to begin production - it is already underway! As such, this is not an open-ended production run and we have capped the number of units available on the project. There is a reserve quantity to satisfy projected retail orders, but essentially this is it. We feel great about this project! At the outset, we are already farther along in the process than normal.

The Advent-ure Calendar is designed to stand up and be used to test roll your dice! The back folds down to reveal a warm and welcoming tavern interior and you can even roll your dice on the tavern floor. Plus, there is some cool hidden stuff in the tavern interior illustration! Below are some photos of the actual production samples. Note the dice in the photos are NOT the ones inside the calendar, though they are the same size (we included them for scale purposes). The interior features a vacuum formed tray that safely holds each die in the assigned location until you break the perforation on the related day.


Now is your chance to secure one of these for yourself! Quantities are strictly limited and, while we plan to return again next year with another in the series, this version of the calendar and the dice inside will never be produced again.


We are offering these calendars in quantities of 1-3 (by reward levels). Additional units will not be available in the pledge manager as we must have a firm handle on quantities post funding period. If some units are available after this project has fulfilled and retail orders have been satisfied, we will list those on our main website.


While we are steadfastly choosing not to reveal images of the dice inside to preserve the magic and fun of opening an advent calendar, we can tell you the following:

  • All the dice are larger Black Oak sized dice - these are big and fun to roll!
  • All the dice feature entirely new custom designs and they are not available anywhere else! These dice are exclusive to this project!
  • All the dice are unique - there are no duplicates inside!
  • All the dice inside feature either solid, swirl or glitter styles!
  • There are three 7 dice RPG sets included. Each set is different from the others and features a matching theme reflected in the design and color choices.
  • There are three additional d20s that each feature unique colors and designs.
  • The package art embraces an 'adventurer's tavern' theme and features beautiful artwork to help bring this theme to life.
  • In addition to everything else, a bonus surprise waits inside! That's all we're saying!!
  • Collectible! Except for two d20s inside the calendar (see Special Singles below), none of these will ever be available outside of this project.This is it! 
01a9e580d268cc2d8afb5e2ee2205415_origina A Sample of our Dice

We always strive to provide a fantastic product to our backers while also putting a focus on value. This project is no exception. We have $60 retail value of our dice within the calendar (plus a cool surprise) and everything is presented in our first formal retail packaging that doubles as a fully functional advent calendar. We commissioned the Fraim Bros to do our box art and we feel they really brought the magic to this project!

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Those went fast.  It was a limited run and all but 2 retail pledges are spoken for. 



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What I don't get is why they're basically using Kickstarter more or less as a pre-order system...

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I mean, on the one hand, I really am disappointed I can't get one of these, because they sound really cool.


On the other hand.... do I really need more dice?  Really?


On the third hand... Reaper should do one of these with minis.  They wouldn't even need to be special miniatures... I'd just love opening up a little box for the 3rd of December and have a little special gnome friend pop out.


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If you're thinking of giving these away as gifts, DIY and save any KS hassle. Search on "DIY advent calendar" or "advent calendar garland".


I've even seen advent calendars that use a garland of small bags (also available from online sellers) -- dice bags anyone? :bday:



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Though festive, I could also just go and buy 3 dice sets for far less.


There's got to be some decent advent calendar templates online somewhere.


[Quick Google search] Oh yeah! I mean "Ho-ho-ho!"

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Spotted these at Michael's today, under $20.  




The one on the left seems to have the largest compartments, but would only hold human sized figures.  It also has  battery powered light for the decorative top part. 


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