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Werebear on a forest base.


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Looks good, base is fine, although I would paint the rim, there are some streaks on that which make it look sloppy.

If you tidy that up it will not distract from the mini anymore.

I like the greens and the rock, the bear itself looks good, I like his fur.


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Oh, this guy looks great! I like him a bunch.


The base also looks good; I really like the paint-work on that stone, nice and colorful without being cartoony. My big critique is pretty nit-picky: first, I agree with @Glitterwolf that you need to clean up the rim of the base; second, and this is totally my personal preference, I think that the "cut" side of the scenery should be flush with the base. Here:

9 hours ago, Evilhalfling said:


You see where you've cut the stone to fit the base, then painted the flat edge black? That's a great way to show "this scenery continues, it's just off-camera." My issue is, because you can see the lip of the base at the bottom of the rock, the cut-off is still "in frame." It's like if you're watching a movie that used mat paintings for backgrounds, but you can see a sliver of the sound stage past one edge of the painting. I'd suggest that you build your scenery up from the edge of the base if you're doing something similar in the future, so that black surface is continuous.

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Okay I have cleaned up the base rim.  

to fix the base edge, I would need to cut off the slight lip on the base.   The bark I used had a slight slant on the cut side, and with a little adjusting it could have either been vertical or matched the slope on the base.  I never even considered it.  



anything else? 

what really says "forest base" on other models you have seen or done? 

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