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99 Days, 99 Minis Challenge


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I have 99 problems but a painted mini ain't one.


That sounded better in my head and I apologize for the unintentional grimacing I have caused.


I noticed by happenstance (while checking my BGstats challenges) that today marks 99 days until the end of the year. What better way to initiate a painting challenge? I am throwing down the gauntlet...for myself, I guess. I need to get some serious minis painted out of my collection.


Tonight I will spend making a quick foray into what minis I have that I think should be thrown into this seemingly impossible challenge. I will hopefully accomplish picking the first thing to paint...maybe even a pile of things to paint.


For the sake of this challenge, "mini" is going to be a vague guideline. Characters, NPCs, monsters, terrain, scatter, small, massive, etc. - it doesn't matter. I will paint a bunch of stuff. Some of it may even turn out looking alright...maybe.


Anyone crazy enough to join me?

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Some (seriously, brace yourself) pics to get the madness started:


Sir Forscale (I gave my painted one away in that event ReaperBryan ran quite a while back now):






Misc Shelf of Shame (ignore that Deadpool guy...he can be so judgy):



More Misc Shelf of Shame (Mostly terrain in this one):



3d Printed Cave Bridges:



Other bridges:



A Moon Altar and a Cave Octopus Thing (...what?):



Aboleth and Purple Worm:



This random box of stuff:



That was only half the pics. Next post will have about the same number of pics...and I didnt even get into my drawers and Plano trays.

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Feel free to pick a mini that stands out to you and suggest it. Also, paint scheme suggestions are encouraged. I reserve the right to ignore suggestions and do my own thing, but would love for people to help encourage me to stick with this.


Townsfolk, because I don't actually have much townsfolk NPCs painted...and I always need more!




Random drawer of Dwarven Forge...with way more sitting in other drawers:



3d printed Cavern Stuff:



Stonehaven Ogres:



Ponies meant for my daughter to use in Song of Blades and Heroes if I ever actually take the time to teach her...:



Antimatter Games product...so much of it and so much not painted!



I thought this would be more cathartic than it is. I feel shame. This is not even a dent in my unpainted stuff, even if I painted it all. I have dozens of Plano trays, and dozens of drawers, and more Detolf shelves, and dozens of board games with minis, and...


Quick! Take my mind off all that and pick a mini in one of the pics I posted and talk about that so I can distract myself!

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15 minutes ago, Sibling said:

Milkmaid done up like Masha from Masha and the bear! ::D:

Never heard of that show (it's a show, right?), but Google says this is who you are talking about:



I was thinking blue/white or yellow/white, but I guess I could go maroon/white.


12 minutes ago, EvilJames said:

stonehaven troll or ent is my suggestion.

Citrine has a nice version of the Ent here. I'll try and hunt an inspiration image for the troll later. I am coming up short with a quick search.

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