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99 Days, 99 Minis Challenge

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44 finished brings me back up to on track for the goal so far (I opted to count each statue and stand as one instead of two).


Here is a pic with some on stands and some not:




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Couldn't sleep after finding two scorpions outside when bring the trash cans in. Not many bugs creep me out, but those things are horrible (and dangerous).


I decided that a magma Cinder would be a good idea...because who says big stuff can't happen during quantity challenges?


Stamped a base and combined it with the built-in base. Then a yellow basecoat: 



Orange drybrush (wetbrush? Is that a term?):



Then the black:






The best needs some work (need to pick out the skeleton), and the dragon needs some details cleaned up, but overall this was a good result for less than an hour of work.

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A couple of hordlings are numbers 46 and 47. This puts me a couple of days ahead of schedule, which feels weird since I don't think has happened yet.



Wide angle to get the paints:



Cropped for closeup:


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3 hours ago, aku-chan said:

Love the eye on the purple guy!

Thanks. I will likely stamp some bases for them tonight but I don't know what style yet. Any ideas?

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Orange guys joins the crew!


This base stamp? Maybe as a magma theme?



Magnetic basing for removable bases from the group base:



Sample image before pinning and stamping: 




Heading to bed, but I would love some ideas (maybe a tutorial or two) on how to pull this off.

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Finished these guys up earlier making 48. I think they turned out pretty decently for my first group base with removable minis.





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Statues and tombstones and broken coffins today making 56:



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Updating the list puts me at 56 in 49 days and leaves 43 left in 50 days to meet the goal. I also now have a clean work space (both desk and room). The busy holiday season begins soon, though, so that is still going to take effort.


Here are the current totals (edit to add some names) -


3d printed: (18)

12 cavern floors/bridges (printable scenery)

2 trees (printable scenery) 

Halloween skull decor (thingiverse)

pig (thingiverse)

Purple crystal (thingiverse)

Autoturret (thingiverse)


Bones: (35)

Magma themed Goremaw Worm

Blue demon wolf themed Warg

Sacrificial altar

Obelisk of Cthulhu

Stone golem

Well of Chaos

Iron Golem

Battleguard Golem

Kord the Destroyer

Living Spartan Statues (Male) and stands x4 

Living Amazon Statues (Female) and stands x4

KS4 Grave Things Statues x2

Hellhounds  KS4 x3 and KS4 x1


Hordlings x3

Graveyard Statue x2

Tombstone of Protection x2

Tombstones of Sorrow x2

Ruined crypt (from with Dust King) x2


Other: (3)

Oathsworn - Ent

Impact - Mummy Pony 

Impact - Skeletal Pony

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    • By MusicalFeline
      So, recently me, my dad, and my grandpa*, most of whom are excellent woodworkers (with the exception of me) made a collaborative effort at making me a new shelf for my minis, as my old one was just a board nailed into the wall. A pretty piece of scrap, but scrap none the less. 
      Continuing the trend, we used only scrapwood for this shelf. Thus, no cost, except for some stain (which I stole from my dad, so uh, no cost there either).
      *My grandpa is no joke Santa Claus. A bit of a potbelly, big bushy white beard, glasses, likes cookies and milk, and get this - he makes toys.
      Right now it's just sitting atop a bookshelf, but I may hang it up on the wall if I'm so inclined.

      Doesn't look the prettiest, but not bad for being made solely of scrapwood!
      It's also now a dishonor to me, as there are waaaay too many unpainted minis on that shelf. That will soon change, however... 
      Note: We did put in an extra notch, as you see at the top. The boards that are the shelves get really stuck in that one, plus it leaves no room for my big minis, so I decided to leave that one vacant.
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      It's that time of year again.  Those of us in the US have a 3 day holiday weekend coming up (May 24-27) and I am challenging you all to join me in a massively multiplayer paint binge!   Everyone is welcome to join, even if you can only paint for one day. 
      The object is to finish as many figures as possible. Quantity counts over quality. All manufacturers are fair game, posting of WIPs and finished pieces is strongly encouraged. You may prep and prime figures before hand, in fact I recommend it. Get out all those new Bones,  old primed or half painted figures and get ready to finish them! 
      Got an army to finish, need to move some half painted terrain off your desk, want to tackle that dragon for the big figure contest? This is the time.  All manufacturers are fair game. 
      Prep and prime your figures now so they are all ready to go Saturday morning (or if you're taking a 4 day weekend, Friday morning). Have your camera ready to share photos.  Photos strongly encouraged! 
      For this holiday there is a special extra challenge: paint a figure in memory of a lost friend, pet or loved one. Anything goes. 
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      Sometime in the middle of 2018 I pulled out this old GW Mordheim Ogre Mercenary mini, and poked at it a bit, intending on painting him up pretty quickly. If I remember correctly, I did the base intending on using it for the dire boar, but then decided that it didn’t work for that mini. I have only a vague idea of how I primed it, but I think I mixed Reaper’s Brush On White Primer with… Grey Liner? Maybe? After priming it I started painting the flesh with… maybe Tanned Shadow? Maybe Ruddy Flesh? Since then I haven’t done anything with it, and he’s been looking at me accusingly the whole time.

      Blurry picture cropped from the background of a work table shot where the ogre sat unloved 
      So time to get it done.

      Going back over the skin, I reblocked in with Ruddy Flesh. I used a bit of Walnut Brown to darken it for the shadows, and Rusty Red for the nose, cheeks, ears, and lip to make it look more fleshy. I used Linen White for the eyes, teeth and nails. Both the teeth and nails are going to need significant yellowing.

      The shirt was painted with Muddy Olive, while the jacket was painted with Rusty Red, while  just about everything else has been painted with Walnut Brown.

      More to come!
    • By lexomatic
      So I mentioned working on a few old minis while I was also working on My Women in Horror Tribute... this is the thread for my continued work on those this spring.
      The oldest is Dark Sword's Male Fighter with Spear. I got that for a GURPS campaign PC that fizzled out. I had done crazy magic blue eyes, and a very thin layer of green on the cloak, and then it's been sitting on the shelf since 2013. I haven't felt capable of tackling it. it's got tiny eyes.
      Next I started working on the smaller of the fierce felines, to do some weird approximation of my cat Moose (in my profile photo). That was my first experiment with blue liner on a metal mini. Now I would mix in medium. Anyway, I had a blue and white base coat before it disappeared to the shelf. Here is where this started.
      I don't remember when I started working on the Whispering Tyrant - it's after the other two. I had some armor and bone basecoats and a green cloak.
      Mostly I just tried to do more on the green cloaks. I'll upload photos of where things are at after that first session when my phone is done charging.
      I did some more work last night too, but I haven't taken pictures yet. I'll probably try to do some painting tonight too. Then a few days of silence.
    • By Jasper_the_2nd
      I've decided to start working on reducing the number of half painted, primed, assembled and partially assembled figures I've got scattered around the house on various shelves, trays, boxes, cases, cupboards, desks and tables, mostly because I'm running out of room for all this stuff and once painted they can get crammed on the "painted stuff" shelves.
      I decided to do these first.

      This came as a set of three I think, and I'm pretty sure it was from the old Mega Minis, but they have been out of the blister for a number of years, so not positive.
      They were already assembled and primed and the wood was mostly done.  This was the way I used to do wood back in the day, which is basically while primer with Reaper Pro Paint Wood Stain Ink slathered over it.  I just touched it up a bit (my bottle of that was still good), I'm just going for table top here.
      I decided to do the spears in three different colours in case these get used in a D&D session or something, so they are easily identifiable.
      Happy to see them migrate from the shelves of shame to the shelves of painted stuff!   
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