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Minivember 2019: One More Once


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Soooo... I'm doing this again this year. I thought I'd have my October stuff up and ready to go by October but Life happened. This led me to the decision to do this again this year. I've adjusted the rules for this year. They may or may not be different to last years, I can't find the post that lists them from then. I have picked minis but have too many on the list so I need to cull it down and then write out my calendar.




  • Paint 30 (or more) unique minis.
    • This means you can paint a bunch of one sculpt but it only counts as 1 mini towards the count.
      • Example: I painted over 70 minis last year but because of the number of sculpts that I did it only came out to 30 discreet minis.
  • You do not have to paint one a day but one for each day.
  • Prep beforehand is totally permitted (washing, mold line removal, priming, etc.)
    • Any paint other than liner (any color) for Bones is not permitted.



This is starting in November.



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Hmm, in picking minis I realize they are all from Bones 4 and therefore almost none of them have names or SKUs for the ones I picked. These are all numbers from the KS page. If anyone has seen these in the new releases or knows the name in metal any help is appreciated. This is also not the order they will be in.


  1. Wraiths:
  1. 801
  2. 802
  3. 803
  4. 804
  5. 805
  6. 806
  1. Dreadmere:
  1. 401
  2. 404
  3. 408
  4. 432
  1. Darkreach:
  1. 508 Dark Elf Female Warrior
  2. 509 Dark Elf Priestess
  3. 512 Dark Elf Male Warrior
  4. 542 Dark Elf Wizard
  5. 543 Dark Elf Elite
  1. Core:
  1. 11
  2. 45
  3. 46
  4. 47
  5. 48
  6. 92
  7. 95
  8. 113
  9. 123
  10. 124
  11. 125
  12. 142
  13. 146
  14. Sophie 160
  15. 2



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Tentative calendar, this is subject to change greatly before November 1st.


Many of them don't have names because everything I picked are from Bones 4. The ones with names listed are the names of the metal sculpts of the same mini.


Will actually do this in pen when I am settled on it.





The 28th and 29th are the same mini, I have fixed that and replaced the 28th with Core set #11.

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I might switch my calendar around...again. I want to give myself some easier stuff over Thanksgiving weekend. Especially since it's so late in the month this year. 


I'm already setting up my notebook for color planning. Need to decide if I'm going to assemble then paint or paint then assemble... I'm thinking the former because I don't have a lot of time to prep things to my satisfaction. Thankfully, on initial inspection there are few mold lines across the board.

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Changing things up. Decided not to do the wraiths or Torlan. So I've revamped my list. Some of the names are for the metal sculpts since they aren't released yet. If any of y'all know names for the ones without them help is greatly appreciated. ^_^



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Can anyone identify these? If they aren't released yet I'll take the metal name if there is one. These are all Bones 4.




ETA: a friendly forumite found them. I spent hours earlier and got nothing. But they were able to do it speedily. 


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