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Bones with big horns?


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10 minutes ago, Weird-O said:

I'm trying to find a cheap mini with a pair of large horns for a kitbash. Looking for narrow horns maybe along the lines of a longhorn bull, about an inch or so long. Does anyone know of a Bones mini that might fit the bill?

minotaurs? 77251, 77255, 77013 are a bit smaller than you want

77376 is bigger than you want

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Graft some copper wire to the stumps. Use brass tubing to cover the join. Make the wire all twisty / curvy. File the ends smooth. 


Brass Bull with tentacles!  



(This message sponsored by L.O.T.S And approved by the Great Tentaculus.)

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I don't know if it'll help you or not, but when I need horns like that, I raid the "bitz bucket" for the shortbows and longbows from rank-and-file hard plastic multip-part kits of 28mm wargaming miniatures (e.g. Warhammer, Oathmark, Frostgrave, etc.) - seems like these kits always have lots more bows than I'd ever need, so there's always plenty left over - I'd be amazed if you couldn't find a couple practically for pocket change at one of the many online sellers who specialize in breaking such kits down and selling the pieces individually.


If you don't already have some, you might even consider buying a few complete model kits of wargaming miniatures of that sort:  I find these kits contain lots of great weapons, shields, heads, gear, and other bits that krazy-glue easily onto Bones figures easily, and make great upgrades to noodle-weapons, deformed faces, and other problem areas of Bones figures, and the kits typically contain enough parts to create one or two dozen detailed gaming miniatures from, with a ton of extra heads, arms, weapons, etc. left over (if you're into tabletop RPGs, it's a great way to bulk up on your stock of NPC dwarf, elf, and human henchmen, town guards, mercenaries, bandits, or whatever, or your goblin, orc, and undead hordes, while building up a supply of extra bits to customize your Bones and other "hero" miniatures with....)


Generally, you can take the bows, snip the (horn-like) ends off at about the length you want, use a little hand pressure with maybe a little heat to bend them into the shape you want, and simply krazy-glue them into place on your mini's helmet or whatever.  (Keep the arm/hand that was holding the bow around:  the remnants of the bow can be trimmed off and replaced with a sword, axe, or whatever if you find another use for the arm!)


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