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Resilient Priest - So much magic OSL

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24 minutes ago, GodOfCheese said:

Wow, your OSL is amazing!  I particularly love the underlighting from the rune-- it really pops.


How did you do the base?


The base is a resin one, I think by MicroArtStudios. Might be Secret Weapon. The rune in there is several millimeters deep - it was actually pretty tough to paint because of that! Looking straight down there are some yellows in there too.


I had the figure on a cork, pins in the feet, before putting it on the base. I actually did the glow from the bottom on the robes and pants before I did the rune! When the figure itself was done, I drilled into the base, popped the pins down, and tested the rune. I took the figure out a few times, and went back and forth with it on and off the base while getting the rune right. Then I finally glued him down. The stone has a few different grays in it to be more stone-like, and then I tried to shadow it heavily with Nightshade Purple. The brush is highlighted in grays for "moonlight". The red stones are garnets, because I'm a good geologist and have a tiny jar of tumbled garnets because uhh... reasons. Besides, Wee Jas is "the Ruby Witch" and garnets are classically mistaken for rubies. It seemed hilariously appropriate, since I don't have spare rubies around. The tufts were one or two larger tufts cut into smaller bits, then shoved in nooks and crannies.


I did most of this figure differently than usual. I tend to paint by region, but since this one was all OSL and has lots of black, I did it differently. I painted the face, and did a small bit of shading only. Then I base coated the whole thing. Kimera Black for the robes and boots I think, and Vallejo's Wolf Gray (I think?) - it is a slightly blue gray for the pants. The bird is mostly a violet-black. The hair went through a few phases (it looked hilariously bad for a while when I used a blue-black, and I switched it to Nightshade Purple to make it okay). Then I imagined the OSL as THE lighting. No imagining other light sources. The red one was first. I tried Reaper's Blood Red in thin glazes, but it had no oomph to it over the black. I didn't want to use not-black at this stage either. So I switched to the Kimera "The Red" and thinned it down with glaze and thinning medium (lots of thinning). I just did tons of glazes to get it done, and it popped sooooo nicely. I did one or two glazes of Kimera orange too, then back with the red, for some extra zing. The flame in the hand is also a Kimera blend of colors, then glazed on the upper left side. The last part was the moonlight, and I tried to do that rather lightly, mostly just using it to give depth to areas that weren't being lit from the side or from below with simple highlights.

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Really like how the OSL adds color to the figure while maintaining his dark/grey - love the hair and dagger too!

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Thanks folks :)

Last night's game didn't see this one on the table, since we weren't playing at our usual location and the figure is fragile. I think I may end up just using it for the next session and telling the player to take it home afterward, because it is so delicate where the bird and hand are attached. Unless the fellows are really gentle with it, and they do tend to at least try. But we have a cramped table. Would be a shame to damage good work!

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