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Those who have been following know my fondness for aeronauts and airship crews. But an airship's gotta have fuel, doesn't it, and so do biplanes and autogyros! And they don't call the aesthetic *solar*punk, now!
Enter Eureka. They have a line for a retro racing game called "Mad Maximillian" and it includes pit crew with old-style "flimsy" fuel cans. Three styles. And I've got three sets of aeronauts (Zeppelin crew, Sky Pirates, and Flying Circus). Seemed perfect for some speed painting now that the color scheme for each group is established.

Side note: it is *not easy* to find reference pictures of those fuel cans in their pristine condition, so this is just guesswork on my part.
Side note 2: the ground is GreenStuffWorld's "Mesh" roller on dollar-store foamboard. 


First, our Zeppelin crewman! Labels are done in very fine-tipped pen.





Next, the dashing (in both senses) crewman from the Flying Circus! An excuse to play with the GW Gore-Grunta Fur and Snakebite Leather contrasts.






And finally, our Sky Pirate. Glad to include an Asian crewmember to the faction. I think she needs a layer of darker wash, though. This can got a bit of rust.







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Thanks, folks! I appreciate it. 

On 9/26/2019 at 4:28 PM, Warlady said:

Nice!  Clever idea as always.

Eureka specializes in clever (or at least zany) ideas! And knowing a target is flammable or explosive always brings out hilarity from the players.

On 9/26/2019 at 2:48 AM, Glitterwolf said:

...If you search for dangerous goods symbols on the internet, you can easily download pics and the resize and print them.

I have done this with a biohazard symbol once.

That way you can add the symbols for flammable on these.

Good idea! I think I even have some printable clear sticker paper. Will have to give this a try; thank you!

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