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CAV-RC is released!

Froggy the Great

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After months of work, CAV-RC is finally repeased to the public!


You can download it here:




Here's a screenshot, to whet your appetites:



Features of the program:

* All units from all published CAV books are supported.

* All weapon-swap and configuration rules are supported.

* Create the roster by section.

* Print the roster by unit, section, or whole roster.

* Print four datacards per page (that's one section per page, y'know), and the data-cards look oh so spiffy.

* Graphical indication of power requirements to move/shoot/use pods, etc.

* Save personalized notes with each unit.

* Digital verification and validation of stock versus modified units.

* Clean, crisp, intuitive interface.

* Easy swapping of any and all components via the Components list screen.


At some point in the future, we will be accepting registrations, which will be $9 that allows you to access the auto-update server. Beyond that, everything works, nothing but the auto-update is restricted in the unregistered version.


Go to it, and enjoy!

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Top Posters In This Topic

Also I would really like so say thanks for all the guys and girl who helped out with this.


Thats Lanse (Herr Oberfroschmeister) for all the effort in testing.

Frank (Leech) for the data entry and other stuff.


And our excellent team of beta testers



Mad Pat




Storminator & Lady Storm



Richard "Who needs tactics when I have bad luck?" Grady


Again thanks to all of you.



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Trust me guys, it makes CAV roster creation as easy as poking yourself in the eye with a fork (I learnt that the hard way)... and the interface is so smooth it's unreal. I never really bothered with component modifications until I got this piece of software.

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