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CAV-RC is released!

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I was confused about the colors. But I think I figured it out. Tell me if I'm wrong.


I was playing with removing weapons on the Centipede APC. I had removed the gun prot thing and the last track went from orange to red. That confused me (red customarily being 'worse' than orange). How could having less power outputs be worse? Then I figured, since the gun port doesn't actually have a power cost, that the color depended on how many options you had with limited power. Right?

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Yup, ok the colour bands on the datacard area of the screen mean the following.


White = enough power to move, fire all weapons and power any pods

Yellow = enough power to move, fire all weapons if you turn off any optional pods (currently just the Chain Lock pod, CAV-RC considers the ECCM pod to be always on)

Orange = not enough power to move and fire all weapons.

Red = not enough power to move and fire any weapons.


For most units this calcuation is based on DF weapons and ignores IF as you can't fire both at the same time, however some units (e.g. outlaw) are set to calculate based on all IF weapons. You can change this with the small combo box that is just above the points cost for the unit.


The Bishop is a very good example for seeing the effect of the power warning bars.


Hope this helps.



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The reason that happens in the Centipede Nym is that you don't have the power to move and fire the other weapons but since the gunports don't have a power requirement you can fire that so the program thinks "okay, move and fire one of these weapons so I'll use orange". However, what's really going on is that you can't move and fire any weapon with a power cost so it's actually red but the gunports are fooling the software into using orange.


The gunports shouldn't really be included in the calculations, but it'd probably be a little challenging to get it to exclude that one weapon :o) And besides, the gunport can only be fired when there's infantry aboard.

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No more pens, pencils, erasers and calculators needed...This program takes the hassle out of roster sheets....Thanx to all involved...this thing ROCKS.. ::D:


snowstorm....making warfare look like poetry in motion....even more so now ::D:

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Earthwalker, we (meaning I) will see what we (meaning Stuart) can do :o)


Snowtiger, you want the Ambasador's file? Being a demi-god, I can send it to you :o) And it's a cool unit, which I dare say you'll be fielding a lot so it'll save you time and effort.


Speaking of effort, exhaustive studies (by efkelley) have determined that CAV-RC yeilds an approximate 80% saving in time and effort over Army Builder - yes peeps, that's approximately 1/6th the time.

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-->Frank, I was just kidding, but another color might make / break it :poke:


Hey, will there be an Area on site for folks to upload their Customs??? This way if I worked out a Custom for a Tourney, and it was approved, It could be posted for all to see??

be nice to see some of Kamut's Stuff on Paper, in a common format! ::D:


Thanks again Guys!


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