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Hi forums, it's been a while, how ya been?


I started DMing the pathfinder module "The Dragon's Demand" for my family. So far I am really loving the module, it's a great introduction to the game and *spoiler alert* there is a dragon at the end :). I decided to go all out and craft terrain for it. So far it's a mix of mostly scratch built stuff, with some bones minis and the occasional 3d printed bits.


The opening scene takes place in a ruined tower, which is a great opportunity for a set piece. So I used the tower from "Dragon's Don't Share".


I added debris on one side - a mix of XPS foam bricks and popsicle stick boards - which the players have to navigate to get inside.


The door is jammed shut from the collapse, so the players can't go that way.


Inside there is a trap door to the dungeon below, blocked by a fallen beam so the half-giant fighter can show off her strength :)


The astute among you might be wondering, doesn't that Dragons Don't Share set come with a big scary dragon? Hmm, why yes I suppose it does :)


I will try to keep posting bits regularly. We are about half way through the adventure, so this might turn into a WIP at some point.

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Oops, maybe I shouldn't have started this thread before going away on a long work trip. Anyway, before proceeding let's introduce the party.


Riju, the half-giant fighter. Ready to smash with her giant claymore. Enjoys throwing enemies at other enemies.



Lianna, the druid with her animal companion Lea the Peryton. (Lea is very well loved and has lost a bit of her paint around the edges).



Marlowe the kitsune bard (pronouns they/them) in both fox and half-elf form. An avid follower of Brigh, goddess of invention - hence the clockworky base.


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