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Necromancer with Ghouls - Wizakids + Mantic, Kings of War

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I originally purchased him use his alternative skull head and arm, but needed a human necro for an upcoming scenario. I like this version too.




470863038_Necromancer1.JPG.94234d4aa76dd9cc69bcbb837755d91f.JPG   1638342001_necromancer3.JPG.3337f070adcc641ccbf90b0613be5320.JPG   







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Cool. I really like the color scheme.  The saturated blue and red looks nice against the gray skin tones. 

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I really like how the robe turned out.

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    • By Sharkbelly
      I am starting work on this guy.

    • By Nightwing
      Here is another Mantic mini. This one a Necromancer. I’ll use him someday probably as a villain, but would love to use him as a PC if I get the chance. 

      BTW, my 7-year old came up with the color scheme. Here is my color sketch I made while she was describing the colors.

    • By ChumBucket
      I kickstarted bones 4 to jump start mini collection after receiving the dubious honor of "Default DM" for my friends.  
      After watching a few tutorials, my gf and I spent Saturday afternoon prepping and painting our first-ever minis. Any tips/feedback would be much appreciated.
      Ghouls were painted using various colors from the bones 4 paint sets A and B. 

    • By Rigel
      Oh, now this is a magnificently sinister sculpt (14137). Great for degenerate wizened necromancers in both the fantasy and pulp genres. That horribly hunched posture, bespeaking a life spent peering into books and graves. The horrible pinched face, dissolute yet censorious. The shovel and sack of scrolls. This guy is up to No Good, and probably not much Lawful or Neutral either. 

      (Sidebar: The keyword "Jos Gebblar" with an "A" will get you a Mercenary Mage of much younger aspect. Perhaps Jos forty years earlier in his career? Or perhaps just before being aged prematurely and preternaturally by some ghastly and vengeful spirit. Who can say.)


    • By Glitterwolf
      This is a Clan War Necromancer / Wizard I got from @Jasper_the_2nd he's part of my Asian Project:
      Nippon, Land of the Rising Moon.
      WIP here:

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