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Maledrakh's 77256 Brass Bull

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The Brass Bull. out of the Bully for you subset in the Bones 2 core set.

This is a not-Gorgon from D&D. I do not know why Gygax would call this a Gorgon, since it really has nothing to do with the Gorgon sisters from Greek myth. But what it is, is a massive metal bullock that has a petrifying green gas breath attack.

Even though the Gorgon is described as iron, in that it can be rusty, I did it in bronzey brassey colours.  I gave it a bit of green around the muzzle to look like some residue from it's halitosis.



More beneath the click

190929-reaper-bones-2-77256-brass-bull-1 190929-reaper-bones-2-77256-brass-bull-3 190929-reaper-bones-2-77256-brass-bull-4 190929-reaper-bones-2-77256-brass-bull-5




If it bleeds, it can die *CLANG!* ...uh oh.


This was painted for an easy and quick finish. Starting with black undercoat, I drybrushed it heavily with Vallejo Tinny Tin, then lighter with Scalecolor Necro Gold, and more lighter with Vallejo Model Color Brass. A bit of Army Painter Shining Silver for the sharp bits on the horns and hooves, and very light highlighting here and there. All done with drybrushing. No washes, layering, wet blending or any other fancy-schmancy techniques used.

A bit of thin greenish leftovers from my palette around the muzzle.  The eyes were in Vallejo Light Turquoise and some other blue mixed with white.

The base is a 80x55mm bespoke 3D printed lipped oval, a few tufts and some of my new autumnal flockmix, and hey presto!


77256 Brass Bull

Reaper Miniatures, Bones 2 KS 2013 Core set, Bully for You subset

Sculpted by Bob Olley

Bonesium PVC.

80x55mm oval lipped base

available from reapermini.com

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