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Snake Cultists 17108 Bones


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On 10/2/2019 at 9:22 AM, TheMandolin said:

Love that OSL. I still haven't gotten OSL to work on any of my figures, I think I'm too timid.


Did you fully paint her head like the body and then add the green lighting, or just go straight to the lighting?

I feel like every person has their own journey with respect to OSL, glazing, and all the other techniques that intimidate people. I was the same way for a long time, and I get it. I'm not a natural artist, so I just have to do all the things and keep trying over and over again. 


For OSL, I first paint the area that will be OSL the darkest color I'll use. So I painted the area that would be OSL'd a dark purple. Then I used a light grey color to cover the dark purple, while leaving a small border of dark purple to bridge between the OSL'd area and the rest of the figure. 


I then used a mid-green tone to glaze over the grey area. After that dried, I used darker and lighter tones of green to transition. 


It's important to pay attention to what surfaces the OSL touches. For instance, the metal bracelets on the right wrist are more reflective than the cultist's hood and are therefore a slight degree brighter than even the surrounding scales that are closer to the light source. 

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