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fc404767c1a1fa1c9faaec3b605fa9ab_origina David T. Roa Instagram: www.instagram.com/ravenstagg.creative.studios/


Hello dear 3d printing tabletop players and collectors! I’m Francesca Musumeci (from the Artisan Guild Patreon) and this is my personal project I had been working on for a very long time!

AMAZONS! is a Kickstarter that includes a collection of high-quality figures and terrains, ready to be 3d-printed as miniatures for tabletop gaming or scaled up as huge collectibles for display. Every non-monster figure will be a bad-broccoli heroine! There aren’t enough strong women figures out there and I'm coming in to fill the void!

45d19be539771b648863c6daedd8f00e_origina David T. Roa Instagram: www.instagram.com/ravenstagg.creative.studios/


Every sculpt I make will be exported as a high-quality 3d .STL file, that you can print at home with your FDM or resin 3d printer. My quest is to make sure you will have fun through the whole process: from printing the models, to painting them, to using them in your favorite games. The files I'll provide are for personal use. Sharing Links and STLs is extremely prohibited (check the rules at the end of the this page).  

d65718f07911f23eaa1d81231246d5ec_origina Scroll at the bottom to get his PDF guid and Profile!
9ea92f89ffbceac79246d518f57c9210_origina Medusa, first Freebie of this Campaign and special "Pinup" model. Available to our 35 Eur Backers!


The Core Set is a group of models and scenaries available to our 35Eur backers. Every figure in this Kickstarter is different: even if they belong to the same class each one will have a different pose and unique details, same for the scenaries. Everything is handsculpted in Zbrush. The Core Set is delivered to our backers immediatly after the campaign ends. The Core Set includes the following 3D printable characters: 

  • 15 Custom Bases
  • 3 Amazon Warriors
  • 3 Amazon Archers
  • 3 Amazon Spearmasters
  • Amazon Hunter Heroine
  • Dwarven Berserker Heroine
  • 3 Giant Bears
  • Epic Boss: Wood Troll
  • FREEBIES! Stay ready for some extra surprises! 

It additionally contains the modular Amazon Camp, wich includes:

  • 1 Amazon Tent (closed door)
  • 1 Amazon Tent (open)
  • 1 Amazon Chief tent
  • 2 Bedrolls
  • 4 Skull Spikes (Spikes adorned with Skulls)
  • 2 Wooden Palisades
  • 2 Maiden Spears (Anti-Cavalry Palisades)
  • Campfire Kit (Bonus from AG, tons of modular options!)
23828707610e75a0d3566d774a508629_origina A preview of the Core Set

THE STRETCH GOALS! (scroll down for pics!)

Thanks to the Stretch Goals we will delivery even more miniatures and terrains, including Units, powerful Heroines, Monsters and special Bosses! As we unlock a Stretch Goal I will immediately start to work on the unlocked model(s).  As descripted before, when a Stretch Goal includes 2 or 3 figures of the same kind, each one is different (pose, details, hairs and so on). I have been working hard to make sure the Core Set is already done, so you start receive models immediately after the campaign ends. For the rest of the Stretch Goals I'll keep you updated often and release them every few days as I finish each sculpt: just the time you need to print the previous ones :)

  • €10k       2 Giant Snakes
  • €15k       Shaman Heroine + Ritual Stone
  • €20k       3 Blademasters
  • €25k       Axe Battlemaster + Boar Totem
  • €30k       3 former Legionnaires
  • €35k       Gladiatrix Heroine
  • €40k       3 Snakeman
  • €45k       3 Blood Priestess
  • €50k       High Priestess Heroine + Sacrificial Pit
  • €55k       Pricess on a Panther / Tiger
  • €60k       Amazon Camp: The Watchtower
  • €65k       3 Snakewoman Guards
  • €70k       3 Snakewoman Archers
  • €75k       Epic Boss: Snakes Queen + Snake Altar 
  • €80k       Amazon Camp: The Wheel of Pain
  • €85k       2 Amazon Horse Riders
  • €90k       The Cyclope
  • €95k       Hyppolita, the Amazon Queen
  • €100K     Epic Boss: Hydra 
  • €105k     3 Satyr Ladies
  • €110k     The Minotaur
  • €115k     3 Harpies
  • €120k     Artemis the Goddess
  • €125k     Epic Boss: Lizard Champion 
  • €130k     3 Giant Spiders
  • €135k     3 Incas Warriors
  • €140k     2 Swamp Giant Lizards
  • €145k     Incas Princess on Raptor
  • €150k     Epic Boss: Quetzalcoatl 
  • ... more coming as we unlock Goals!
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Top Posters In This Topic

An affordable resin printer has a rather small print bed, so the best option is to have both a resin and a filament printer.

As for this kickstarter, their patreon stuff is very good, so I'm happy to back them. And while I backed Bones I to IV, I'm currently more excited about the STL Kickstarters I'm in than in Bones V, since they are far more EU friendly.

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I haven't backed this yet, but I'm almost sure I will, even just to be in anticipation for a 3d printer, whatever it may be. Shoot, just the printable bases are a neat touch, and there's a lot of other cool stuff. I'm half tempted by some of the add-on packs, as well. The Tarrasque is freaking amazing.

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If you want the Tarrasque, join their Patreon this month, you'll get the Tarrasque, as well as some human fighters for 10$. You just have to remember to download it this month and unsubscribe (although next month's lizardfolks look pretty nice).

And if you're going to back, use this link for their extra social goal: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/amazons/amazons?ref=f1nsdx

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8 minutes ago, Gadgetman! said:

But most affordable Resin printers are pretty small. Just toss out a speaker, or a stack of DVDs and you should be good to go...

Tossing out a speaker sounds like heresy, and we aren't talking the nice kind, aka Klipsch Heresy III's.... ::P:

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