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HS Stencil system wave 3 from Anarchy Models


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Note: Once this campaign is over, all our stencils will be available at anarchymodels

After the great success of our previous campaigns, we have been busy shipping stencils worldwide, but now its time to head back to kickstarter to expand the range even further.

As always, our organic patterned "creature features" designs have been very popular, and even after expanding the range last campaign people still want more. So we are bringing several more designs to that range, as well as a few other requested items.

Time permitting, we may even be able to squeeze in some requests, so please private message us if you have any.


Although these videos are from our now current range, they are used in a similar way to the new kickstarter stencils.  New videos coming soon.


HS stencils are:

  •  Fully re-usable - With proper care, HS Stencils will last for years.
  •  Semi-transparent - You can see where you are putting the stencil.
  •  Washable and solvent proof- Simply clean with a suitable substance for the paint you are using. (cleaning video at the bottom of the page)
  •  Thin and flexible- Will produce a softer edge - In some cases you may not want a really crisp edge like our HD stencils provide.
  •  Not sticky - HS are used either freehand or by taping to the model/item.
  •  Quick to use - you do not have to spend time making sure the stencil is stuck to the item, and in some cases you may not need to mask off the rest of the item.
  •  Easy to use - create amazing paintwork, quickly, with even a basic level of skill.
  •  Best used with an airbrush 



New Designs List:

 Please see the New Designs area (below the freebies) for pictures.

The New HS designs for this project are:

  •  #36 - Tri Grid   ==Micro==
  •  #37 - Brickwork ==Micro== 
  •  #38 - Negative Hex Mesh Small + Mini 
  •  #39 - Anarchists Toolbox 2 
  •  #40 - Tri Grid Small + Mini 
  •  #41 - Creature Features - Less Mottled 
  •  #42 - Creature Features - Blotchy 
  •  #43 - Brickwork Small + Mini 
  •  #44 - Creature Features - Bigger Mottled 
  •  #45 - Creature Features - Blotchy ==Micro== 
  •  #46 - Creature Features -??????? 
  •  #47  - Creature Features -??????? 
  •  #48 - Creature Features -??????? 

??????? = Hopefully unlocked as the campaign progresses



I have some stencils from Wave 2, and they look good. The only eason I haven't really done anything with them is that I'm not all that good with an airbrush... 

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