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Reaper Bones 5: Information Thread


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On 12/12/2020 at 1:32 PM, Reaper_Jon said:

We are currently aware of an issue on the Reaper Pledge manager for bones 5 where items are not showing up, We are currently working to resolve the issue don't panic! We believe we know what the problem is, I will update as soon as I know more.

EDIT: The issue has been resolved I believe, if this is not the case with you please let me know! 


I am trying to verify all the figures I ordered. The PM doesn't list the power ups like the Henchwomen. How many are in  that one?

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2 hours ago, cawatrooper said:

So excited for shipping to start (relatively) soon!


Will there be a way to track our orders once they ship?


In the past we've received notices via email when the packages were ready to ship, which included tracking info.  Just like when you place an order with the store. 


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On 4/15/2021 at 8:16 PM, billeecats said:

Does anyone have a list of each expansion/add-on/power up, with both backer prices and late backer prices? 


I'm only looking for a list of the purchaseable units, not individual miniatures in each group. 

I don't know what the late backer costs were, and this may be out of date, but I made it back during the Kickstarter. Hope it helps.



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