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Reaper Bones 5: Information Thread

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3 hours ago, Reaper_Jon said:

I just logged into the pledge manager and when i click on the images it shows pop ups of all the items in the expansions ETC. 

Quick question, do you know if there will be any more Chronoscope packs available from the last container? Thanks

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Sorry if this is a repeated question. I went in and started an account and made an order. The top says "no pledge found" which is accurate since I missed the original kickstarter. I'm still good to go right? Even though I don't have a pledge in? I didn't see a place to do that. I also went back and did a second order, that's ok too, yes?

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5 minutes ago, Valien said:

Hi all,


Received my box today! Yay! But the Core Set says Bones 4?!?! Did anyone else get the wrong core set? I sent an email to [email protected] but figured to ask here to see if anyone else has received the wrong items.



It's a typo.  Look in the box, you have the correct figures. 


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4 minutes ago, Inarah said:


It's a typo.  Look in the box, you have the correct figures. 


Thank you! I figured as much as the rest of the box has a big V and the images are showing V images. 


Appreciate the confirmation!

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8 hours ago, RogaDanar said:

Sorry if this is a repeated question. I went in and started an account and made an order. The top says "no pledge found" which is accurate since I missed the original kickstarter. I'm still good to go right? Even though I don't have a pledge in? I didn't see a place to do that. I also went back and did a second order, that's ok too, yes?

Yep, that all sounds correct. Enjoy your plastic mound next year. 😉

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I don't suppose anyone archived the pledge manager photos, did they?  I'm trying to inventory and having quite a struggle, especially with the add-ons that were only listed in the pledge manager.  I can't get into my original pledge because they locked it when they shipped, the new pledge manager doesn't show a lot of the things I got, and I'm having little luck finding things searching through the KS updates.  It would be nice to know which items had bonus figures added, for example, but I don't think those made it to the KS campaign page or the new pledge manager.


Also, does anyone know if the lantern and cargo on the cart in the Brinewind Extras are supposed to actually be included?

Were there supposed to be 8 henchmen?

Extra Wall of Thorns was supposed to be 4 walls, correct?

The top of the middle head on the 3-headed ogre/etin is open, exposing the post.  Am I missing a cover/hat of some kind, or is the head malformed?


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I wasn’t able to quickly locate pictures of the Hippocampus and Grim Reaper figureheads. Nor for the campground scenics.  But, you should be able to find them in the updates when Reaper added them to the PM (somewhere around the Update #80 - Update #100 range).


Also, here’s the Brinewind Extras. It was unlocked during the last day of the campaign, but didn’t get added to the campaign page. 



Lastly, Go Chiefs!

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5 minutes ago, PeterBenjaminParker said:

Has there been any update recently on when the UK will begin fulfillment, other than the fact that the final shipment arrived on the 10th?

They began fulfillment yesterday or the day before. 

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Some quick Monday update information regarding the kickstarter. @everyone You will see an update if any more important information pops up. 

Waiting on the fire Marshall, It is raining today so getting the fire lanes around the warehouse set up. Signs should be arriving today and put up! So we are hoping to pick back up fulfillment in the next couple of days once the FM has approved the additions that are required! The upside to this is that we can prepare hundreds and hundreds of boats for shipping, so it will go much smoother in the packing and shipping phases of the process. Before we were having to do the boats on demand and were going so fast that we could not make a surplus of them, we had to do it this way to strap the boats to UPS guidelines with straps and tape ETC. During this down time we have been able to make all of the remaining groupings of boats! :thumbsup: 

We are slowly starting to ramp up, as we have to do our normal orders as well as online orders.  A mini FAQ for everyone anxious about receiving their Bones 5 shipment in the UK/EU. We're working on filling the orders as quickly as we can. It is impossible fir us to tell you when *your* specific order will ship. When your parcel receives postage, our system will send an email to the address you used at the pledge manager.We completely understand that you've been waiting a long time for all these wonderful minis. We sympathize, and we're working to ship your orders out as quickly as possible! Thank you for your continued patience
We are shipping the orders via wave > country. 
For example: Wave 1 > FR, ES, IT, GB..ETC   -->   Wave 2 > FR, ES, IT, GB...ETC.

As you know, Australia has gone back into lock down so this weekend Aetherworks put out a post on socials: 


 `Hi everyone, As some of you may already be aware, Sydney (Where we are located) has had increasing levels of COVID-19 Restrictions over the past few weeks, including this past weekend. Restrictions put in place over the last few days means that several of our staff are unable to travel to work.
      While this does mean that all departments have reduced numbers at this time, we are still able to operate. Please be aware that at this point in time we are still operating, however, this may cause operations to slow down. We ask for your patience during this time, and we will try to get all requests addressed and orders sent in as timely a manner as possible.

 Best Regards, The Aetherworks Team--`


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