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Lands of The Giants Miniatures for painting and collectors from Iron Wolf Art


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The Lands Of Giants

Part One. 


In the beginning, the Gods created the world, and there were many wonders for them to see, One of these wonders were the Giants who ruled with an iron fist.

Iron Wolf Art have created the first in the series of Lands of Giants available on this kickstarter.


The funding required for creating our miniature Giants goes towards the artwork created in the concept stage, the 3d modeling of the miniatures based on our concept art, several prototypes to verify the miniatures look good, the actual manufacturing of the miniatures, and then finally to prepare them for sending out! We’ve been working on the design and concept stage for these miniatures for several months now. Only the modeling and manufacturing stand in our way, the latter of which cost a lot of time and money.

"Taken from folklore"

The Father of the Giants, the first giant to be created by the Gods.

Began a battle over the golden mountains with the master of red dragons.

They fought for three days and three nights. Around them were their subjects, who encouraged them.

The battle is interrupted by Perun, the mighty god of lightning, the lord of the lower sky. Perun did not want the giants and dragons to kill each other, and he stopped everything in time.


As the giants trample on the warrior's word and break the rules of the megdan * fith , Perun decides to punish them. He cast a curse on the giants to be ugly and grotesque forever and never to be trusted with a given word again. Already to live without honor forever. He presented the golden mountains with dragons. And the giants were driven away.

Father of the Giants, ashamed of defeat. He took the eye he lost in the fight and uttered the fairy tale.

"I exhort you with the blood and flesh of the first of us, to lead all those of our kind".

And he ordered an eye to be imprinted into the crown of the giants, as part of it. That crown will and will remain the means by which the kings of the giants will guide their subjects. So he became the first king of giants.

Omag Or da Tur Krol is the first lord of the eastern lowlands, the fast river, the black sums of the Malyan Mountains, the Podkozora and the Lastina cliffs all the way to the green sea and the Hors shores.

These were the boundaries of the giants' first kingdom . From there, they expand the world.


Description of the Giants

They are diverse in size and appearance. So we will only describe those who have been seen or talked about lately.




Blu Mountan Giants  Krogi  - Krog , Krugi , Kregi , Krugi , Kru- Although probably the smallest kind of giant, almost certainly the cruelest. They are slightly muffled and always thirsty for the blood of man. They are the most and most often served in the army of kings of giants. Most were selected for Iron Guard * IRON GUARD. They are about 4 meters high. They can be with or without horns, almost always without a mustache with a beard. They are almost always bluish in color and red hair. They often make mammoths. They are only kind to these animals that they care about. Circles often destroyed entire villages of the first people because of their mammoth hunting. They live like the rest of the giants either in solitary caves or in giant cities, made up of small communities of giants. Often, they can make whole villages learn to serve them. They ask them for monthly gifts, most often food, threatening them to eat everything. In Zelengora and Erobas, their horns are believed to help cure stone fever, or as an aphrodisiac. In organized kingdoms, people are hunted. Which often ends in human sacrifice, though so far no one has stopped the organ


Their size varies from 4 m to 20 m. They feed mainly on meat. They have lived for several hundred years. The Tree Giant, though, is a tree of history and tradition. believes he lives longer.

There is a story from Donja Kladnja near Odzak Mountain that a Divine Tree Giant 1300 years old has been seen. Records exist until the time of the plague. After that it was devastated for a long time, so there is are no records

Giant Tree, or Tree of History, Tree of Writings

Is perhaps the tallest tallest kind of giant. They can grow up to 15 meters high. They move slowly, and often feed on moss-covered land. Sometimes they eat meat.

 They are believed to be the moving history of the Giant People, and to transmit the knowledge and traditions of the tribes of giants from generation to generation or from bark to bark. They are often advisers to kings. And even though they are loners who roam the world, they can sometimes be found in giant cities. There is no record that they have ever fought for power. They are not overly interested in humans or other creatures. They only worry about the Dogi inhabiting their cavities being safe. Dogi and they have a special connection that no one else could explain.



28mm Version is printable as a whole model or in parts


 Mammoth & Rider


The Scales we have used

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