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Larger Archer


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yeah, it is out.


I know ordering from the online Reaper Store will get you one. Local stores may not have recycled their stock (returned the small, received the recast) or their distributors may be to blame.


try <[email protected]> if you have one in your possession and want to exchange it. I think there was something set up for this.


cher ^_^

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I was thinking more....stunted.

At present it is a very deceptive Cav..on paper it is taller than the Katana...but it is a lot smaller mini wise and hides behind walls easier....and mine has been mistaken for a puma :wacko: ..more than once, what a shock mike got when it came out scrappin, after that i was made to tape it to a 1.5cm block of wood :grr: ..but it was fun while it lasted .. :devil:


snowstorm....making warfare look like poetry in motion...while confusing the enermy.

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Hey I ordered two new Archers from my local gaming store (Big believer in supporting them) but when they came in , they were the small ones I already have.

Could someone who has a new one post the measurements, H,W,.

I've sent reaper a note to see if I could trade , but i won't make sure I'm not trading for the same thing.

Big thanks


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