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Fishing Village


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It is a LOT of filament for a print - and one of the main reasons I'm not backing this one (apart from the fact I have a heap of other things still to print) - I can't justify half a roll of filament for a single building, when a very large building from another manufacturer is less than half that amount of filament

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This KS being within 1 day of Bones 5 must be terrible timing for a lot of people.


We're about to hit the 48 hour mark. (~51 hours as of this post)


New goals were added, more renders. Not everything has a render yet (windmill, tavern, T and Y shaped foot bridges).





We're even getting armored walls! They're quite massive.





Even a cannon!9c6bcf84aeb1ea0b2fbf8db30299321f_origina






From the size of all of these, I can understand why each piece can get expensive in resin/filament.

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44 hours to go, and we just got a bonus fish market!




We blew through all the goals days ago. Now he's just adding more stuff as the pledges keep coming in.


Current list:

  • 6 Houses
  • Footbridges 
  • Bridges
  • Watchtower
  • Barge
  • Fishing boat
  •  Town gate (working)
  • Fences
  •  Mill (working)
  • Shipyard
  • Tavern
  • Lighthouse
  • Fish Market
  • Props


And yes, I still don't own a 3D printer. But I really like this project for "feeling" different.

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