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Bears Head Minis & The Pickled Dragon - Monstrous Lexicon 1


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Welcome to Monstrous Lexicon - Series 1 Kickstarter. This is a joint project between Bears Head Miniatures, Arcane Library and The Pickled Dragon.  The Monstrous Lexicon is a huge collection of original monsters as well as four new playable races for the 5th edition of the world's greatest role-playing game and this project is the start of a series to bring the creatures form the pages of the Lexicon to your gaming tables or collections. There are also some creatures and characters that are outside of the manual, but I think they compliment the range and will find a home in your games. The miniatures are 28mm scale.

The miniatures are traditionally sculpted by hand and will be cast in metal or resin, as detailed in their descriptions. Supplied unpainted with a plastic base as appropriate.

You can pick up a physical or digital copy of The Monstrous Lexicon from the links below, via Amazon or Drive Thru RPG. 

 Amazon USA 

 Amazon UK 

 Drive Thru RPG (Digital copy) 

The miniatures are sculpted and ready to be cast, this project is to fund the production cost. Chris at Macrocosm Miniatures is an experienced metal caster and the master casting will be complete before the campaign finishes, I will have metal casts to show you in an update. Then the production casting will commence after I've received the details of your pledges.

You can pledge by selecting one of the reward tiers given. If you require a selection of miniatures, then adjust your pledge total to reflect the total cost of the miniatures you want.

You will receive a unique coupon code equal to your pledge amount, roughly two weeks after the campaign finishes. I'll provide instructions on how to complete your order via Kickstarter messages and a link to my online store. You will also have the opportunity to add to your pledge from my existing ranges.

Postage starts at £2 in the UK and £4 rest of the World for 1-2 miniatures and a flat rate of £4 and £6 for 3+ miniatures. This is collected after the campaign finishes via the pledge manager.

The profits, after Kickstarter, casting and packaging fees are accounted for will be shared between Bears Head Miniatures and The Pickled Dragon.

The miniatures will eventually become part of my Bears Head Miniatures range, which includes a number of character sculpts, sci-fi  and fantasy themed miniatures..

Now lets have a look at the miniatures...

Valravn £4 

1802b4e388e27d0bf58a90657afd2867_origina Valravn. Metal miniature £4.

The Valravn is a fiendish blend of humanoid and Raven. Long skinny legs carry the creature in a hunched, upright position, while it's torso is covered in disheveled black feathers. 

The Valraven is a demonic servant, which scours the mortal World in search of the mortally wounded or sick, to steal their souls back to its Masters nefarious needs.

Valravn is £4 and cast in White Metal.


Pact Devil £4

e154186505c400a015bde301c536e3fd_origina Pact Devil. £4 cast in White Metal
82a2f99f259e7859e27852d143b3443f_origina Pact Devil, painted example by John Morris.

Lurking in the shadows, ever vigilant, a tall handsome man watches his mortal prey. It's victim is vulnerable due to Pride, greed, or desperation and Pact Devil offers an easy solution for a catastrophic price.

Pact Devil makes a great recurring character, maybe he helps your adventurers out and is keeping a close eye on his property, or maybe he needs the adventurers help in getting a contract signature from a particularly despicable Lord.

Pact Devil is £4 and cast in White Metal.


Dwarf Druid £4

dabfb9b811ce87b816bffc59ec058f66_origina Dwarf Druid £4, cast in White Metal
4c636c112a569ee363487046ee7e3d44_origina Happy Dwarf Druid £4, cast in White Metal.

He's a happy soul our Dwarf Druid, always full of joy at the wonders of nature. He might just have a rare herb or two in his Grove, but he's also possibly the most annoying NPC your adventurers will ever meet.

Dwarf Druid is £4 and cast in White Metal.


Dire Honey Badger £4

6c08105fd7cfd9e6b5b0c6b0c3b6d5cb_origina Dire Honey Badger £4, cast in White Metal
6a3dcc56b89559205c0441611099a5a0_origina Dire Honey Badger painted example

Dire Honey Badger The Chuck Norris of the animal kingdom. No bigger or faster animal ever gives the honey badger crap. If they did, that animal wouldn't have the chance to regret it and this is the Dire version, so a very handy ally for any adventuring druids out there.

Dire Honey badger is £4 and cast in White Metal.

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Top Posters In This Topic

On 10/5/2019 at 7:06 PM, haldir said:

Really wanna support this one but I don't want the entire lot & I want a mix up medium & small figures. I guess we'll see before it ends.

Hi Haldir, you can mix and match the Miniatures. Just figure out which ones you want and total up the cost, then Select a pledge and adjust the amount to reflect your choice.

Thanks SamuraiJack for posting about the Kickstarter, very much appreciated.

I’ll revise the campaign text so the stretch goals and how the pledge selection works is clearer.

I’m also looking at finishing a second Grooleshi head and other bits to tempt you guys in :)


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5 hours ago, PhilH said:

Hi Haldir, you can mix and match the Miniatures. Just figure out which ones you want and total up the cost, then Select a pledge and adjust the amount to reflect your choice.

Thanks SamuraiJack for posting about the Kickstarter, very much appreciated.

I’ll revise the campaign text so the stretch goals and how the pledge selection works is clearer.

I’m also looking at finishing a second Grooleshi head and other bits to tempt you guys in :)



That's how I did your last KS. Fantastic minis!

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1 hour ago, PaganMegan said:

I LIKE that Druid!


Especially that he is SUPPOSED to be annoying!


And probably never notices. ::P:


He probably sings.


Badly. :lol:

Absolutely. It could be as a result of spending too long in his grove, tending to his herbs. But he’s definitely too sunny for most folk, it’s only proper to moan about the weather or the nights drawing in, but not this guy he loves everything! :D

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For what it's worth, Bear's Head is on my (short) list of trusted Kickstarter creators. They have consistently delivered on time, with good communication and good quality products. I have backed several of their earlier campaigns and will back again. A+


I have also bought from their webshop, good comms and quick shipments. A+ again.

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