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Moar wessels!


Fredasa-class corvette JFS Jade Tornado:




Odyssey-class JumpShips JFS Armor Veil and JFS Bouk Obelisk:




Comitatus-class JumpShip JFS Vanguard:




Tramp-class JumpShip JFS Rust Heart:




Hunter-class JumpShip JFS Plum Wine:




Miraborg-class DropShip JFS Arkham Bridge:




Scout-class JumpShip Star of David:




Vincent Mk.42-class corvette WCS Killing Blow:




Potemkin-class troop cruiser SLS Beas Kness:




Mckenna-class battleship SLS Enterprise:



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Finally finished this rassum frassum!


Aegis-class heavy cruiser JFS Jade Talon:



Congress-class frigate CSR Magpie:



Vincent-class corvette CSR Munnin, Carrier-class DropShip CSR Night Wing:



Arcadia-class DropShips CSR Blade Splint, Flame Tongue, and Pyre Light:



Eagle-class frigate FWLS Bors:



Star Lord-class JumpShip FWLS Norfolk, Scout-class JumpShip FWLS Loyalty:



Tharkad-class battlecruiser LCS Tharkad:


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    • By Metalchaos
      Hello everyone, here is a model from the early 80s. Ral Partha 02-912, Giant Rat sculpted by Julie Guthrie. I placed it on a 20mm base and painted in with Reaper MSP paint.






    • By 72moonglum
      Hello everyreaperbody! 
      So just recently finished these three go-lucky ladies, a trio of Dancing Girls sculpted quite a while back by Dennis Mize.  Colors were the hardest part fo figure out plus I tried to do some semi-transparent clothing, not sure how well that turned out

      and here they are together:

      Wanted different hair and different skin tones for each one.  Relatively small figures, almost horrified when I see them so close up, but oh well, such is the curse of this hobby.  I'd painted a set of them maybe 15 years ago.  Don't have any pictures of the original set unfortunately, and then I went and sold them on eBay for I don't remember at all how much.  So I'm glad I got a hold of another copy to do again and keep.
      I'll probably be putting them on super-simple bases in the near future, just so they don't fall over.
      So anyways, hope you enjoy!
    • By Werkrobotwerk
      I painted the clan side of the recent Battletech kickstarter as clan novacat. There will be a part 2 when I get more mechs. 

      Nova and madcat


      Puma and ryoken


    • By odinsgrandson
      These old Battletech miniatures were painted using some fairly recent techniques I’ve generally seen referred to as “Comic Book Style Painting.”
      In addition to normal dark lining, I added dark edging to areas that would normally be the highest highlights on the minis. This creates an interesting cell shaded effect.
      These particular minis were painted to match the old (and adequagely cheesy) Battletech Cartoons. Sometimes, they would forgo normal animation to employ then-state-of-the-art computer generated animation with everything outlined in green. This is why these minis are all in a transition state between the two styles.

    • By Weird-O
      The Black Widows independent company, part of the mercenary Wolf's Dragoons. In full cheesy-80s-action-movie fashion, they're a Dirty Dozen-style group of criminals and misfits molded by Capt. Natasha Kerensky into one of the most feared fighting forces in known space.

      Command Lance

      Fire Lance

      Recon Lance

      And because these are all canon characters, the pilots' names are marked.

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