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02746 : Caella, Female Death Cultist


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I think that's supposed to be a demon skull on her head....and leather straps on her thighs(what for, I don't know)...and gladiator-type armor on the shoulders.

Her overall appearance reminds me of Werner Klocke's Blood Regiment sculpts for RAFM's Death in the Dark game( some of my favorite minis).

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I pulled the miniature from my shelf and checked...


Her legs are bare and so is her posterior - she's wearing a thong. The straps hold down armor plates that rest on her upper thighs. Appropriate Klocke buckles in the back.


The upper/right arm with the axe has armor bands/rings going around it to about mid-bicep, then it is bare skin. The lower/left has a spiked armor shoulder pad, then an armor plate, with like a leather sleeve all the way down to the wrist. Strap on the left bicep armor plate there underneath the arm.


On her head, if you look at her from the top, is a skull. The long fangs that frame her face are positioned that way coming out of the skull. The face of the skull is definite when you look at her from the top.


Personal opinion here, but she's certainly a fetish-type cultist. :lol:


I hope that helped.

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Here's how I interpreted her:




Armor plates on the thighs stuck into the boots and held down with straps. Somewhat the same with the shoulder armor. Her right arm (axe) has forearm armor held with one wide band midway. Hood ornament brasierre and wrestler's belt. The Skull/helmet is something akin to a sabre-toothed cat in my opinion. She has an eyepatch.

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