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Greenskin Wars - The Greenskins Hunters

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The campaign purpose.

The  purpose of this campaign is to get the funds to produce these new  miniatures and also expand the Greenskin Wars range with new models and  allies for them.

Material: All the miniatures are made of  lead free metal and are supplied unassembled, unpainted and without  bases (bases can be supplied at request for a small extra cost) I  decided not to include bases because there's a wide variety of clients  who want square bases for regiments , some round or hex for skirmish  games... so we better avoid the extra cost of adding bases that you  might not use in the end.

This is a very durable material able to  keep very sharp detail, but while I check every order personally before  sending, keep in mind the copies are not "perfect" and some complex or  multipart models might need some pinning, cleaning or small adjustments.

Most of this HUGE range of greenskins and related creatures are sculpted by the legendary ex GW sculptor Kevin Adams, who has an awesome taste for these kind of creatures, but this time we have another legend, Drew Williams delivered three awesome "classic" looking ogres! 


The Greenskins Hunters: After the great war and the devastation that turned the world into a greenskin nightmare, a brave group of heroes rose from the ashes to travel across the land hunting the greenskin scumm. These models are packed with details, representing them wandering across the lands, camping and surviving out there while they fight the green horde. Ogres sculpted by Drew Williams, rest of the gang by Kev Adams.

The better choice, get ALL THE NEW STUFF!  You'll save money and it's simply awesome!

1c53164f32cc6e00c50acb6302f9df91_origina Save some coins and get them all in one click!

The Greenskins Hunters: These are the heroes who bring hope to the land, will you trust in them too? 4 Veteran human soldiers, a couple ogres, one brave dwarf warrior and a sneaky halfling.

3029c4e68e60c81dc061b1a58cfb7e20_origina The legendary Greenskins Hunters patrol!

 Detail of the Hunters: 

7bd9d16a0413ef32e69c95a4f830020a_origina If you find them, maybe you can hire them!

 The Ogres: Ogres have very "few" morality, so they can join, left and jin again with old comrades. This pledge grants you a nice  and deadly unit of three ogres! 

de2871f7b5bd4b438fabfcbbb10aca82_origina A terrifying unit of Ogres!

The Greenskins!!

Bulbus army characters: The heroes in charge to command Bulbus Peppernose troops, do some nasty jobs, etc. They are here to please you ;) 

e5b29f11990606496442572bb01d74d6_origina Each one has his role...in theory....

The infamous Goblin Bitting Sticks!: These are one of the most scary goblins you can find around...or at least those bitting creatures tied on top of their lances are!   

a32bfa32ada30abb899c5c4fb1ab0863_origina Huge mouths and so bad behaviour....

Orc Archers: Some nice firing power for your guys, and how lovely they look together!  

025ce14506292e6125ac42024e6b57c8_origina Orc Archers pack, they come with detached quivers for their backs.

Iron Orc Chief: Another brute to lead your Orcs and Iron orcs stuff!  

0965c46b4b88b65768dfa761493177ac_origina Iron Orc Chief

And last but not least, the Renegade Ogre Pit Fighter! Not a greenskin, but you better not mess with him...  

fb5ebc8d51880363687871e53ef5a864_origina Ogre renegade Pit fighter.


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