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Chibi Gloomhaven (spoilers linked)


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Insanely great job. I wish I did sculpting, because tracking down proxies for GH has been a pain! 


Too bad Bones V doesn't have inexpensive miniatures suitable for GH demons and uniques. Thankfully, I have miniatures from the old Dreamwhatever CMG that seem to work.

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The amount of sculpting on these varies a lot.  I don't mind doing a lot of work on heroes or bosses, but for monster groups you usually need six or ten of them.  And with the sheer number of groups, I wasn't about to sculpt the whole of any of them from scratch.

- The Harrowers each have a Mr. or Ms. Bones head.  Their bodies come from various bones minis.  They didn't need to be Chibi minis for this, I just cut off the lower half of various robed characters and used that.

- The Vermlings are made from Pathfinder Goblins (I used the cheap Wizkids ones because they have the largest heads).  I mostly just painted them to look more rat-like (the texture is painted on).  I did add their tails (they're just wire that I use for pinning) and added a little bit of green stuff behind their ears.

- Tee ancient artillery was actually pretty straight forward.  I made them from various leftover Warjack bits that I had.  Some of them are guns, but some of them are shoulders that looked enough like they could be turrets.

- The Inox were pretty crazy.  I needed sixteen of them, so there's no way I was sculpting every one of their heads.  I had horns from my bits box, though- so I sculpted one head and made a green stuff mold (from Instamold/Oyumaru) and cast the other 15 from that.  I attached these to various short bodies- mostly dwarves- and added some easy to sculpt things to them like the fur pelts.  The different eye shapes that they have all comes from painting (I use dark black lines, and that lets me paint outside the lines a bit).

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