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80058 WWWOZ Lion

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I had a bad day and decided to do some painting in between the terrain stuff.

I did quick red /brown/blue liner primer coats at 920 and put stuff aside. Then did another 15-20 minutes ruddy leather on belts and boots, intense brown and oiled leather on coat, creamy ivory on shirt, red shadow and carnage red lightened with Ivory and medium. Corporea black for pants.





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Did a bit more. Debating a wash to tie stuff together better. Could call it done with the base. May do so. Dusky skin highlight for  shirt shadows and gun /pants highlights. Black for pants shadows. Redstone highlight for leather highlights. Red shadow for skin shadows.




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Now in showoff

Everything got a flesh wash with medium and water. Then everything got a dry brush with vampiric skin. Especially the base and gun.

Skin got cinnamon red highlights. Then the shirt got a highlight of ivory cream.

Base is black, rubber, rubber highlight, vampiric skin.

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