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Zombicide 2nd Edition by CMON and Guillotine Games

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Well, it's not like your average modern-day person knows how to use a gun -- particularly when they see zombies. Search on "gun vs. knife".   Thanks to Hollywood, not only do we think guns h

There’s a $40 Nostalgic pledge that basically upgrades 1E with new cards, dashboards, etc.  The actual rules are downloadable as a PDF for free here.

"Hey, Lassie! Timmy fell down the well again?" "RUFF RUFF RUFF RUFF" "Oh, Timmy escaped from the well but was attacked by zombies?" "RUFF RUFF WARF WARF" "Then was shot with fifteen h

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Plenty of zombie and survival horror RPGs out there, though obviously none tied to the Zombicide franchise. Search on "zombie rpg tabletop".


Do you want a Zombicide RPG, or just a zombie one?

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I'm passing on the RPG.  My group is already running D&D following a Starfinder campaign and they are talking about Shadowrun 6E now for when the D&D adventure runs it's course.  


While not really useful, I am enjoying the daily zombie reveal.  I'm still torn on going with the new stuff or just sticking with the nostalgia pack to update my stuff to the new rules.  

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42 minutes ago, Olaf the Stout said:

Is there any way to get the 2E rules via this Kickstarter if you already have all the 1E stuff?

There’s a $40 Nostalgic pledge that basically upgrades 1E with new cards, dashboards, etc.  The actual rules are downloadable as a PDF for free here.

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9 minutes ago, ced1106 said:

Wonder why they're not doing multiples of the non-Abomination zombies. Maybe to keep shipping costs low??




I think it's because there's so many different non-abomination zombies.  So, instead of having 12 extra walkers of the standard types, we're getting 12 unique zombies.  (12 being a number i pulled out of thin air.)


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14 hours ago, Asuranshadow said:

I feel like this is a reaction to the oversaturation of heroes from past zombicide kickstarters. We get the same number of singletons, but more enemy variety instead of even more heroes with the balance concerns there. I prefer that balance.

Probably.  Not counting the box of 13 RPG-based survivors, we're up to 161 survivors counting the original ones we're getting rules for and the 36 that come with the reboot.  At some point, other than representing some pop culture reference that people like, it's really overkill.  I'm really enjoying the different zombie scupts they are adding.  To avoid confusion though, I'd likely use them as VIPs instead of the normal zombie types.  

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Still enjoying the kickstarter.


Clicking in, I saw someone ask about the RPG.  I'm not backing for the RPG - I already have Savage Worlds and All Flesh Must Be Eaten, so my zombie-fighting needs are pretty much covered by those games, as well as any of a number of generic systems that have zombies.  CMON would have to have a selling point that's pretty unique to draw my money to it at this point, and I'm not seeing any chatter on the rpg-related forums I hang out by that this has happened.  


Hm.  I wonder... it looks like less than half of the backers are getting the RPG as it stands now.  If it were less, I'd wonder if the RPG would just get cancelled, but apparently there's four thousand people who want to get it.

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