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Batman: Gotham City Chronicles - Mission 13


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B:GCC - Mission 13 "Suicide Escape" has two traditional Suicide Squad members attempting to flee prison.  Kind of an interesting mission where the villains are passive until they aren't.  They are basically meandering around the jail until they decide to pull the trigger and attack.  





Croc's left eye was not as well defined as his right, it was pretty annoying.  He still came out pretty well though.  I tried to make his trench-coat extra dirty.

 1742683012_2019-10-0615_05_27.thumb.jpg.a9f26ed177cd53a815873d2b4e1187bc.jpg 1009522522_2019-10-0615_05_21.thumb.jpg.8d11150c2c6e30e8f91a5392e8959bf0.jpg 569500378_2019-10-0615_05_35.thumb.jpg.f08c8ff4d301271589e452aaa557cd2f.jpg


I had a tough time with Deadpool Deadshot because his color scheme is kind of all over the place.  Or maybe better put, his outfits are all over the place, as he tends to have the same colors, just in different locations.  And finding this outfit was nigh impossible.  Still, I really like how he came out.  His color scheme is very bright and really pops, especially when next to the drab, earthy Killer Croc.

1495982895_2019-10-0615_05_46.thumb.jpg.1522cfe7c456516886f3c71dce36e1d7.jpg 828957585_2019-10-0615_05_58.thumb.jpg.2111ba34ad7c05aae0eea4d40db2ce28.jpg


Not quite enough room for a full family photo this time, so the minions get put the the bottom.  I'm not saying the color scheme is based off a football team near me, but I'm not saying its not...




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