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CAV Secret Santa 2019


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I just got my paint room set up (moving is SUCH fun.......:zombie:) to the point where I can start working last night.

I'll be putting updates in here: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/64467-jasper-vs-big-stompy-robots/&do=findComment&comment=1900538

But I'll post something here once I get some paint applied.

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The torso and upper legs aren’t glued on to the lower legs, in order that I can get to the base. Started with some air dry clay and working up towards some basic terrain. 

And the photo is sideways because the phone and computer aren’t talking to each other tonight. 


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Got a package from "The Dragon" today! I'm not sure I know who that actually is, but thank you very much for the figure! The gun was loose, but no biggie, I'll glue it on and have it back into shape soon.





And since I'm obligated fully now, here's a bit of a progress shot of the base on what I'm sending soon. Should be tomorrow. Meaning Saturday. Or Monday. Whatevs.


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4 hours ago, miniaddict said:

I was afraid of that. That Mastadon also comes out as he is attached by magnets to the display. Might also need to rebend some of those trees.

Hope you like it.

MiniAddict aka The Dragon


No worries! Just part of the hobby! We did notice the magnetized base, and the family was drooling over everything!


So yes, I love it! It was very welcome after the day I had.


Just worried I'm not doing as well with mine. But, then again, different requests get different results.

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Well, finished up the base on my gift. Here's the pictures of it before I glued the figure to the feet.





And here's it all finished up! I'll be packing up the figure today after we put up our Christmas lights and it should be on its way to the new home soon!






And @miniaddict, I got it back together and it's now in the display case with all the other CAVs I've painting and received.




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