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Black legionnaire 02464

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Inspired by Doug Sundseth’s red and white legionnaire, I did this mini for a paladin I want to play in an upcoming campaign. This guy offered a lot of fun details, especially the sword and sheath. I used Liquitex basics, with some Agrax Earthshade






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      Painted up these 8 unrelated barbarians as a clan for my Wrath of the Righteous campaign. Tried my hand at non-metallic metal again. This is the result. :)

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      Presenting Remus Raducan, part of the Blood Wolf faction in Reapers Dreadmere setting.
      Struggled to find this guy that interesting to paint, and as a result he ended up a bit lacklustre.
      As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
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      My friend got good pictures of this one. I did her as a fairly fast paint for a friend, as his character's mother Millicent Pillswallop (who they really should go check on in the next eight days... she got caught in an explosion in the city).
      I kinda went with a "Too lazy to blend, so cross-hatch and texture it instead!" idea on the cloth.

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      This little lady I chose to paint for my Secret Sophie. Now that @Darcstaar has received my gift, I can now show her off.
      Skin tone – Dark Skin Triad


      Hair – Blonde Hair Triad


      Hair Bands – 09698 Retro Frost Satin

      Blades and shoulder pauldrons – Base of Tempest blue, silver toned metals triad with a stone wash.

      Breast pieces – Redstone base, Rose Gold, Red shadow wash, Highlight- Rose Gold, New Gold

      Sword Cross Guards – Redstone base, Bright Bronze, Red Shadow wash, Highlight – New Gold

      Undergarment – Stained Ivory – Creamed Ivory – Linen White

      Leather Straps –Rich Leather, Oiled Leather, Burnt Orange.

      Rings for Leather Straps – Cursed Gold

      Anklet – 09103 Emerald Green

      Dangling Straps – Pure Blues Triad


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