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I decided to do the glowing mushrooms. I mean, I've already sunk tons upon tons of time into it, why skimp out now?


So here we go.




First a bit of grey made of Spectral Glow and Muddy Brown.


Then some Spectral Glow/Oiled Leather.




Then some Spectral Glow/Misty Grey. Also brightened up the leaves and moss adjacent to the mushrooms in this step.






And at this point the flaw in the upper mushroom started bugging me, so I mixed up some green stuff and plugged it.




It's curing now.  Here's another dry fitting.






I darkened the rest of the base further with more Blue Liner, but I think it might need a few more coats. I figure I'll add some blue lighting to her robe once she's affixed in place, so I can see where the light would fall.


I'm trying to decide whether to push the highlights from the mushrooms further, or to base coat them in something darker.  I want them to glow, but it should be a soft glow.  I don't want them to be as vivid as the lantern.  The viewer's eye should focus on her face first and then travel diagonally down the model -- I don't want to pull it away down to the base too early.


There were some whitish flecks on the back of her robe in that last shot -- they were just loose detritus on the surface.  I've wiped them away. I'll have to remember to check closely for anything like that before spraying Dullcote on.  Which will be the very last step, I think.  Speaking of which, there was a cold snap and the Dullcote I ordered wound up sitting in a mailbox for several hours at about zero degrees Fahrenheit. is that going to mess it up?  I hope not -- I don't have a local source for that stuff in my fairly small town, and anything shipped to me between now and about the middle of March is liable to freeze.  April would be safer.  Or May, in some years.  It's really cold here.

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Im not really sure if it would mess it up after only a couple hours but honestly i wouldnt risk it on a mini i spent so much time and effort painting (twice).  What i would do is slap a couple coats of paint on an unpainted minis cape or something and give it a test run there

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It has been a busy evening!


First I spent two and a half hours painting this:






My plan was that I would use this to test my Dullcote.  Alas, the Brush-on Sealer did not make it noticeably shiny!  Perhaps the colors are too bright?  Darker colors may shine more noticeably.


Then it occurred to me that I've had this painted and sealed base sitting around for months:




It's nice and shiny from Brush-on Sealer.  So I've sprayed it with Dullcote.  It's drying now; I'll give it a good long while and maybe another coat before I photograph it again.


With that put to rest, I went back to the base. I forgot to put primer on the green stuff. But it's small, and the area it's in is rather recessed, so I don't think it's likely to suffer much wear from being handled.  Anyway, first up, I coated the mushrooms with Aged Bone:




Next I spent a long time on Deviant Art, where I searched "blue mushrooms" and got a fair number of references.  I decided to make the main body of each cap fairly dark; here they are with some Blue Liner thinned with matte medium:




Then, to brighten them up -- spots!




That's pure Dragon White.


At this point I got carried away and didn't take photos for a while.  And then they looked like this:




I started with Blue Flame for the blue, but immediately decided it was much too bright -- almost white, not enough blue in it.  So I mixed in a roughly equal amount of Spectral Glow, and several thin layers of that did the trick.


To lend the mushrooms some slightly more natural coloration, I put some very thin layers of Aged Bone in select (and more or less random) spots on each cap.  I also I put some thin lines of Blue Liner around the edge of the caps to give them definition, and then brightened the spots again with pure Dragon White (they'd gotten blued out by the glow mix).


In a couple small places, mostly the front, the bottom of the mushroom is visible.  I painted the underside with pure Dragon White and put more of the glow mixture on the moss beneath it.  I wanted the underside as bright in color as I could make it, to combat the real-world shadow that the overhang produces naturally.




I darkened the rest of the base further with more thin Blue Liner.




And finally, here's another dry fitting:




I think it works, but honestly?  The glow effect on the logs surrounding the mushroom is too bright.  I'm not sure what to do about that, but I'd envisioned it softer.  The color values on the base further away from the glowing 'shrooms are too bright.  More Blue Liner is called for there, I think.


Looking ahead, I can see that I'll need to extend the blue glow up her robe a ways. Not terribly far.  Maybe a third of the distance from the hem to the sickle, in a curve.  The bottom edge of the sickle would pick up some pale blue glints, but I don't think the blue should be noticeable any further up the mini than that.




The color values on the back of the figure and base match one another better now.  There are still a couple of white-ish spots on the base where the paint hasn't quite caught.  I think it slides off some of the highest points because it's so thin.  I'll have to go in and hit those directly with some tiny, precise dabs of thicker paint that won't move from where I put it so easily.


Getting there!  Todo:


1) Dim the glow a bit, if I can figure that out.


2) Add glow to the robe.


3) Darken the front base further from the mushrooms.


4) Coat the lip of the base with Walnut Brown.


5) Seal the base (and re-seal the bits of the robe with new glow).


6) Glue her in place.


7) Dullcote.


8) Show Off pics.


9) Washer on the bottom of the base for extra weight and so she'll work with my magnetized storage trays.


10) Heave enormous sigh of relief.

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I have to agree that the mushrooms are too bright and stealing the focus away from her face.  Not quite sure how to suggest fixing it, but probably you need to have them cast less light and glow more blue.  Maybe re-paint the mushrooms more of a shadowy grey and glaze blue over?

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Good news!  The Dullcote killed the shine on my test base quite effectively.




Bad news: bubbles.




I don't know if that's because there's something wrong with the spray, or because I got the can too close while spraying.  I'm going to try it on another sacrificial base -- I've got another rather similar one ready to go.

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Try going with a more pale glow from the mushroom.  It matches the mushrooms color too closely and probably shouldnt extend so far.  After all, it is a glow, not a shine, so it should be more faint.

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15 hours ago, LittleBluberry said:

I have to agree that the mushrooms are too bright and stealing the focus away from her face.  Not quite sure how to suggest fixing it, but probably you need to have them cast less light and glow more blue.  Maybe re-paint the mushrooms more of a shadowy grey and glaze blue over?


I got exactly the opposite reaction. I thought your color choice is drab...of course, I do tend to bright colors, especially with my mushrooms.


I think you might be spraying to close & to heavily. A quick, light side to side motion seems to work best with Dullcote, & you do have to shake the can for at least two minutes.

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So here's my second experimental base.




I kept the can further away while spraying. Here it is immediately after.




You can see some bubbles already formed -- though I didn't see them when I took the pic. When it dried a couple more formed.








Perhaps I'll try it again with another base, but I have this feeling I might need to watch it like a hawk, with a needle in hand to pop bubbles while they're still wet.


In the meantime, I went back to work on the real base.  First, a thin layer of Sepia Liner to take it back to something closer to a bark color.




Then I made the mushrooms bluer with some very thin Pthalo Blue, and painted some glow back on using basically the same mixture as before, but more restricted, and put a bit on her robe as well.






The shine from the sealer makes it hard to see where the glow leaves off.  Here's a close-up.




I glazed over the glow with a bit of Blue Liner to ease the transition a bit.


Progress, I think.  I did notice that in the course of putting her on the base and taking her off, I seem to actually have rubbed off a few bits of paint on the tips of her hair. I'll have to repair them now.  Rats.

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I made some slight adjustments to the glow on her robe -- added a bit of Muddy Olive further up the robe, moved the glow a little further down, and then glazed over that with Blue Liner to tie it together.  I think it's better now that there's a (small) area of cloth that's closer to its base color, like the bits of trunk that aren't showing blue.




I was satisfied with that, and so I glued her to the base!  I may have put a bit too much glue on, because it seeped up around the edges and formed a chalky white powder over some of its lower reaches.






No matter. Those have already been fixed with some Muddy Olive and Blue Liner. Oh, and a bit of Walnut Brown on the bit of whitened tree trunk under the edge of her robe.  I also touched up a few spots on her hair, the top of her right antler, and the tips of her left fingers that had suffered a bit of damage in the course of taking her on and off that base.


There's a bit of blue shine on the bottom of her sickle which isn't easily seen from the usual viewing angles, so here's a shot of that.












After taking these photos I noticed a bit of whiteness at the base of her left antler which didn't work at all, so I touched that up with some Walnut Brown. I'll put a dab of Brush-On Sealer on there once it's dry, and then I think that's it for painting.


Ordinarily at this point I would be posting a Show-Off thread and refreshing it every fifteen minutes to see if anyone posted a comment or hit the like button. Buuut ... that shine! It has to go.


I did another spray test with my Dullcote on another base. No bubbles this time, but also it didn't kill the shine.  I think I didn't actually get a complete coat on it. I may have been holding the can too far away; or else some got blown away by the wind, because I did it outside while the last two tests have been in my bathroom (holding my breath).  Spraying outside is much nicer when the weather allows -- today was suitable, but it wouldn't surprise me if I don't have another chance to spray outside until, oh, next April.  Maybe late March if I'm lucky.


Regardless, I'm going to let her sit over night and the rest of tomorrow to dry thoroughly before I even think of trying Dullcote on her. To say I'm jittery about this step would be a massive understatement. I'm not sure how many hours I've sunk into this figure at this point.  Eighty? A hundred? More? I really, really don't want anything to go wrong at this point.  Bubbles I could maybe fix, though they deform the surface.  Frosting would be tragic.


Anyway. Time to put a bit of Brush-On Sealer on the base of that antler and let her sit and dry.

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Oh, thank goodness.  It went perfectly. No bubbles. No frosting. The shine is gone.


I am so relieved.


Show Off thread will be up soon, and I'll edit this to link it!


EDIT: And the Show-Off thread is up!


... wait! What am I going to do with my evenings now? :wacko:

Edited by wdmartin
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