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22 minutes ago, Evilhalfling said:

Wonderful work! 

I was excited to see them coming out on this KS. 

Thank you! I'm excited too!!

50 minutes ago, Sanael said:

These are great! I love them so much.


If I could pick one nit, it's that the "mermaid hair" on the fishnetted one is stuck to her breasts in defiance of gravity. I realize it's a concession to modesty, but it strikes me as odd.


The expression on the last one is fantastic!


Yes, there is both the issue of wanting to stick as close to the original intent of the set (to maintain some modesty) as well as printing/casting issues to consider. It isn't ideal but I am still happy with the end result. :) Thanks for checking out the thread!  

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3 hours ago, Rainbow Sculptor said:


HMMM.......Maybe ;)



This makes me very happy!  ::D:



One of the them has a nipple showing in the group shot though - is she going into the KS this way?  I was surprised by that, but then the Amazon statues got into B4 with censoring in the KS graphics.  Can you say anything about that?


Also, I don’t remember any partial(ly submerged) minis in prior KS, but we’ve already seen the troll bridge ones in this one. I guess these are more for painting/diorama use than TTRPG, which is perfectly OK with me.  I’m looking forward to these, but was kind of excited to think they might be coming sooner than 2021 though.

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On 10/17/2019 at 9:25 PM, GHarris said:


Keep in mind though that gills do not work like lungs in humans, they do not hold water inside of them at all times and exchange gases through alveoli. Creatures with gills take in water through their mouths and immediately force the water out and across their gills. It actually would make a lot of sense for gills to be on a humanoid's neck much how they are located relatively close to the mouths of real world creatures. Of course this is fantasy and all so a Nereid could totally have her gills on the side of her torso, and it looks good on these sculpts, but putting gills on the neck is also a sensible choice. I actually put the gills on the necks of the Tritons that I sculpted.


That makes a lot of sense for full-time underwater humanoids. If you treat @Rainbow Sculptor's nereids as somewhat amphibious, wouldn't neck gills displace a bunch of musculature needed to hold up their heads when out of the water?

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These are awesome. The nereids might just be what pushes me toward getting the Dark Depths expansion, assuming that's where they are placed. 


The main things that worry me, as a D&D DM, is the fact they will be 34mm scale, and the fact there isn't a single one that is in an upright, standing pose.  Having a standing one, plus the submerged ones, & others on rocks, would make them more versatile on the game table. 


I'll be curious to see how big their bases end up being. Understandably, the ones splayed out on rocks will surely be bigger than 1".  I hope the submerged ones are on 1" rippley bases. 


Overall excellent sculpts. I really look forward to getting these someday, and trying to copy the Nereid skin pattern from Stormwrack.



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