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Bonesylvanian high holidays

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The basics. Both Bonesylvanian sets and Mr & Mrs Bones + vulture unpainted.  The 2nd batch with the mummy had to be reboiled.






Then I primed the vamps and Frankie with grey /green/medium and washed /lined with blue liner and medium. 20191014_155440.thumb.jpg.698550780ca6e53cb2fff5b53ba8d1cc.jpg

Then a bit of vampiric skin and sample green for Frankie. 20191014_155517.thumb.jpg.15a3c5b28009a007f364a5e878a35929.jpg

Then a quick turquoise and medium wash on vamp skin followed by more vampiric skin20191014_154725.thumb.jpg.72f3504a2b1f66b4bca85ec3e2b58a15.jpg

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Some more base coating.

Lady vamp is being based on author Hilary Monahan's current Twitter profile pic. Go eye makeup attempt.

clothing is a bit more purple than intended but that's ok.


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A slightly better pic of the vamps and some really simple work on the casper ghost. Maggot white and a Russian army highlight colour as base and step up and down for basic highlight and shadow. Chain basecoats in black green.

I'm thinking a wash of alien goo on the Ghost then drybrush of spectral glow on the chains.




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I want il reference this paint job on the metal (01537) version of Gus (77601). I can't une the original sample paint.

Not sure if I want to do more (alien goo wash). This is 4 shades of green.




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Bottle spill of my commonly used creamy ivory and then a wash that was too red, and some cross contamination of colours led to me calling it a night.

Still don't know what to do with this melty mess


And here's the boney guys.


And before that I did a little on the vamp hair. 20191026_222815.thumb.jpg.d9051421a204a250c53cbd84f34f3683.jpg

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