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Thanksgiving Paint Binge Challenge 2019


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More priming today: DSCN1274.jpg.3077536f6aa394c0b264eb8350376a2f.jpg


Challenge begins in 13 days.  Looking at last year's thread (I only finished 2 figures in 2018  :wacko:)  I see I have 2 kitsune, a succubus and a griffin still unfinished.  Adding those to the pile.  



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Already started, since a few painters had their "99 miniatures in 99 days" sorta threads. 


Johnny Lauck ran some Dungeon Decor KS a few years back, and I finally got to painting. Finished the six human figures, and am working on a ton of tiny bits: weapons, books, scrolls, etc.


Anyway, I posted in Show Off the six figures, but here they are again. Furniture by Tiny Furniture. Game tiles by Galladoria Games.


Colored brush-on primers and washes (Army Painter and Secret Weapon Miniatures) *really* help. Dunno why more companies don't put out at least a basic set of brush-on colored primer.




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I went through my collection and this is the start of what I want to get done. Since I've been painting I've only did smaller figures, so I think things like the frog demon, jungle titan and frost giant are going to be fun, and Solar has been one of my favorite minis since I first saw the concept art of it, so I'm really looking forward to that one.


I doubt I will come close to finishing them all, but I think I will get a lot of painting done to have at least a few of them looking better. 


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I’m adding to my list and planning on making use of my as-yet-untouched contrast paints heavily to run up the numbers for this.


I got the Wrath of Kings Honor & Treachery starter box and I’ve been prepping and basing those guys.


I’m also planning on doing all of the Zombies from a Zombicide box I have that’s still full of grey plastic.  Those guys are going to help me put big numbers up!  Lots of greenish flesh and orange jumpsuits and not much else on them.

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Broccoli.  I may have misunderestimated the number of zombies in that box.  It’s a lot of zombies.  I killed most of a rattle can of Wraith Bone and I think a filter for my little airbrushing box.


Also, do I count as a mini?  I’m prepped and primed already.




I’m probably not going to try to do all of these.  I might alternate a skewer or zombies with a handful of something else and see how far I get.  It’s possible I’ll end up only painting 1 zombie all weekend too.


I did fill out my contrast paints collection with 8 new ones I picked up at my flgs though.




I also have all but 4 of the WoK starter set prepped and based.  They’re so cool I may choose not to binge paint them though!




I’m hoping to get the rest of them done tomorrow along with priming a few more bones, then on Wednesday I might spend some time noting down some color schemes

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Going to try to knock out most of my Critit Animal KS minis this weekend. Got baking soda and kitty litter glued down on the bases that didn't already have texture the other night. Home with a sick kiddo today so I'm going to break out the airbrush and get them all zenithal primed.


Should hopefully be able to crank them out over the course of the weekend.

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