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    • By Citrine
      The first mini I finished in 2021 is this Tabaxi Rogue from Oathsworn Miniatures from the Sensible Shoes (SKU SS29).  Normally I dread painting lots of bags and other accessories, but it went smoothly this time.  Not too happy with the blueish magical sword, but the rest turned out fine.  

    • By MoonglowMinis
      With Theros out, I've been looking for more Leonin mini options.  I prefer plastic over metal/resin simply because I can afford more of it.  Anyone got any leads on some good leonin minis?  Or big-cat inspired catfolk in general as opposed to the domesticated cat-folk type.

      It looks like I would have been set if I was looking for these a few years ago when every online store had Alkemy on clearance, but now that game is just a bit too costly for the number of minis I'd get.
    • By Inarah
      3 new figures and a chance to get the original 10 from a previous project. 


    • By rpghammer
      Cats, Hawks, Dragonborn, Turtles, Warforged and Demons PC 28mm Miniatures. Miniatures kits come with 2 heads, 4 right arms, 4 left arms and 2 tails for the cat. Made by Board Dog Games and Norse Foundry
      The last kickstarter fulfilled 3 months early. Please check them out and maybe support the project to help it fund!
      Link Here

    • By Vacaroja
      The challenge was keeping a steady hand for all the dots. But as I love doing anthropomorphic animal figures, I did it without hesitation. Another favorite thing I like to do (but I don't always do it) is avoid using black or liner for shadows and using complimentary colors instead. So in this case the armor being yellow/olive green, I went with the deep red/purple color of Burgundy Wine. There's still a touch of Blue Liner in strategic parts, and let's face it, I can't avoid the color because I love it so much. But it's minimal.


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