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As commanded by the very, well, commanding @Glitterwolf, I’m going to paint this big boy.  I’ve been eyeing him on the corner of my desk for months now, and to be honest I’m a little afraid of him.  He’s probably going to look somewhere between terrible and mediocre by the time I’m done, but at least he won’t be grey anymore.


I’m probably going to use the airbrush that I barely know how to operate quite a bit.


I think we’re going to need a bigger brush ...

I only have up to a size 2, which I guess would be like mowing the grass with nail clippers.  Should I get a size ... 4?


All are very welcome to critique/comment/heckle/throw tomatoes/etc.  I need and will be very grateful for any advice and assistance I receive, but please don’t be too disappointed if it doesn’t do very much good.:poke:



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11 minutes ago, Elbon said:

Who makes this big fella?


It’s an official D&D resin model made by Gale Force 9 for the Rage of Demons season, when Out of the Abyss was published.  They were a limited production, but you can still find them on the ‘bay - got this guy earlier this year for about $80.

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1 hour ago, Adrift said:

I call foul; this doesn't involve a wolf so @Glitterwolfcannot associate. This is fake news.


Hey, don’t look at me pal.  I’m just following orders.


Tonight I glued the column/arm piece to the base,  It took some doing because it attaches at the base of the 2 columns, but they don’t both sit flat in their “sockets” in the base at the same time.  I tried to heat and twist the piece to make it fit better, but I guess that Bones trick doesn’t work with resin.  It felt brittle and breaky, so I just glued 1 column flat and left the other touching at a corner.





Then I reprimed him solid black.  I’m going to try to zenithal prime him.  So I think I’ll give his a light coat of grey from the sides and then hit him from the top with white.  I’ll try to hit some parts that are going to be glowing with white too.





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better pictures
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Go for it!

Choose the main colours and start with those, then details and highlights/shadows as always.

Take your time with it he deserves it.


There are others who have painted this beast on this Forum, search for demogorgon in the WIP and SHOW OFF threads and you can see how others tackled him.


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Okay - first ever attempted zenithal prime complete, I think?  I used Liquitex white acrylic ink, with some matte medium and Vallejo airbrush thinner.
















Dont know why pics are getting rotated when I scale, but it’s either that or 20MB of photos!


I still need to black prime the base/right arm and zenithal prime those, and then I think I’m going to try to basecoat this guy with Hodag Green, thinned out with the airbrush thinner and acrylic medium




If I’m doing anything horribly wrong, please feel free to let me know before I do too much damage!  ::D:

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He’s green now.  I used the Hodag Green, and mixed it with Liquitex glaze medium and Vallejo airbrush thinner to try to make a quick-drying translucent green.  I’m not sure of it worked or not.  I see some effect of the underlayer, but not as much as I hoped.  He just kinda looks green now.







What I did see clearly is the 783 mold lines I missed before.  Spent some time cleaning those up, and will touch up with a brush.  I think my next steps after that are some dark washes, and then maybe some clear green or green ink airbrushed on to increase the saturation.


Also did a light zenithal prime on the base part, mostly on the arm and front of the base.  Plan to airbrush the arm green, then mask it and paint the stone.





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A bit more work on the big boi this week.  I’ve been dirtying him up with some washes.  I’m using the GW Athonian Camoshade and Nuln Oil.  The camoshade all over except where I’m planning on painting different colors, and the nuln in the shadowed regions.  There is a lot of area to cover on this guy!


I’m going for a nice tabletop quality paint job, maybe to be detailed out later as a longer term project.  He has lots of nice detail, but I’m realizing I could spend huge amounts of time on this figure if I try to paint him at the same level of detail as a humanoid-sized figure.  It would be like painting 20 minis!






That Citadel shade brush is actually perfect for this.  I also bought a size 4 Dick Blick Kolinsky flat for painting all of the big scales on him.

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