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Cloud Giantess: Yephima 2.0


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22 hours ago, rubegon said:

Do you have a photo of the top of the column after blending?  I’d be interested to see how it ended up.


Also, do you figure out the highlighting on the armor as you paint, or plan it out beforehand?


I want to try NMM, but not sure how to start.  I’ve seen people block out values beforehand on the figure, and that seems like good way to figure it out.  I thought about taking a photo and marking it up in a layer in a photo editing app or something like that.


I know awhile ago I did a marble tutorial, but I think photobucket might have eaten the images.

I'll try to put together something later this month or early next month.  I like marble.  It is so varied in its appearance, we can play with virtually any colors and patterns. James Wappel does some really cool marble effects on his blog as well.





These are two of the marble effects after the blending. You can still see some of the lines, but if you glaze thin layers of your highlight and shadow over it, the lines will soften.  If they become to faint, just paint them back in.  Push and pull with the lines and the glazing until you are satisfied. Leave some of the lines more defined and others softer. The veins that run through marble dive in and out of the stone. It is a very forgiving effect and fun to play with!


In this case, I just used colors I'd used elsewhere in the mini to help tie the colors together.


NMM has a steep and painful learning curve. The safest way to approach surfaces, is to break them down into geometric shapes.  So you may have a cylinder, sphere or cone.




See how the light affects the shapes differently? While our minis are more complex, if we follow the rule that light hits a surface in a fairly predictable manner, all we have to do is simplify.  This is hard and takes a lot of muddling through sometimes.




So on the breastplate, the chest area acts like a sphere.  Since I've picked a light direction, I know there will be a circle of light near the top. I'll shade down in circles around that to tell my viewer this is a rounded form.  




See the arrows? I have decided I want a front and slightly right main light source, but I also am using some top-down lighting.  So the light on the cylinder part of the breastplate goes more or less in the middle and also near the top.  Placing a dark area next to a light area helps a surface read as sharp or metallic.


Ams Stainless Steel Cup Liner Model: 404.27


See this cylinder? You can see the light strikes it from above and to the left and next to the light area is a dark band on either side.  This helps us read "shiny"


So... I think the reason NMM is hard is because it requires us to think about shapes, light source and placement of light-dark all at once.  It just means taking a more systematic approach to painting. It does require planning, because unless you have a consistent light source, it will look odd. Also, there is a certain degree of cheating to make it look good that I just think takes practice. It may not make sense for a shadow to be somewhere, but I want it there to sell the effect so I make it up.  That just comes with time.


So, er, yes. plan it and always go back to the wonderful internet browser and search for images of the thing you want to paint. It will help to see it and then copy it. You can also take a picture of your mini held up to a bright light and see where the light goes. That can be helpful for planning.


Hope that helps!


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34 minutes ago, Corporea said:

All of them! Muah hah ha!  They will all be mine! :lol:


Seriously, she is such a gorgeous sculpt, I can't wait to get my bones one and paint it! Ready for retail when I can buy more and try out different skin tones. :wub:

LOL careful, people will start thinking that they'll be receiving a Corporea-painted Yephima in their Bones 5 box! :lol:

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So beautiful! Thank you for all the tips and detailed photos, very helpful. I can't wait to get my hands on one. Probably at retail, since my husband has claimed her as his #1 pick from the KS... *rueful grin*


I especially love the way you painted in her muscles. Goes so well with this sculpt being so powerful and intimidating, without overwhelming the flow of the pose.

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9 hours ago, Corporea said:


Hope that helps!



It does!  Thank you very much for taking the time to reply.


Your WIP photos of the freehand pattern on the cloak are very helpful too.  I'm not there yet, but seeing how you do it makes it seem a little less impossible.  ::):

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