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Pure White Bones Plastic


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Hey, ya'll!


I prefer the off-white Bones plastic to the gray Bones plastic (not Bones Black, but the gray Bones plastic), so I have been trying to gather as many miniatures from Bones 1 to Bones 3 as I can before they switch to gray.


Recently, I made a purchase on eBay, but, instead of the miniatures being off-white, the miniatures are more pure white.


I have never seen Bones in pure white plastic, and I was wondering if any historians knew when Bones miniatures were pure white.



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Most of my Bones I minis are what I would call "white," though a few are what I would call "off white."



File the following under "I Am Not An Expert:"

It is just a difference in color, for the most part. The actual plastic is generally the same, though some pieces (e.g. the head of Cthulhu, the wings of Wyrmgear) have varying amounts of elasticity/hardness (mostly done, I believe, to accommodate certain qualities of a given mold).


(That difference in elasticity is, to my understanding, similar to a two-part epoxy, which can be mixed with more or less hardener to affect curing times and other properties; it's still the same epoxy. The Bones plastic is still PVC whether they mix it to be harder or softer or to be grey or white)

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IIRC Bones 1 was the whitest plastic.   If you are not sure which KS your figures came from you can still look up the old projects on Kickstarter.   Also, some people made lists of each model number included with each project, you can look those up and compare to what is in the store to find out what you have. 


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In general, SKU tells you which project the models were part of.


77001-77196 Bones 1

77197-77398 Bones 2 

77399-77640 Bones 3


Original models were pure white.

This was changed with an early restock order to a slightly off white.  This has been changed several more times and now the grey is the standard.

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