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Frost Giant bodyguard: 77544

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I am no longer sure why I decided to pick this giant - I have a lot of unpainted giants.  So it was time to undertake one.  

First of all he is too big for any of the things I normally use to hold minis.  and he has no base for a convient handle.

I decided to leave one foot unpainted and mostly hold him by that.  The only other option I came up with would be to use heavy pins to attach him to a large block of wood. 

His axe was slightly bent so I left it off at first.  I boiled and allowed it to cool slowly.  


2. The second photo is 2 hours of work, over several days.   I found a good color scheme for him online, but as I look closely at the shadows and details of the ref Photo, I think I could do better than the original.  It is a nice feeling to have.  










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So im going with a limited pallet, lots of greys and faded blue skin. (ice blue with a hint of grey)

the browns are going to be a little brighter before I finish, while the skin is just going to get highlights and shadows.  

these photos were taken as references for shading /highlighting 


The last photo is after 4 hours work (total) at least 45 min on the axe, which now I look at it does not match the refrence.  

I think i will add a highlight along the curve of the axe rather than redoing it.   






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yesterday was Axe day.

I did the front quarter of the axe - and love the result.

Today I worked on the rear quarter - I pushed and pulled the paint too much and it got techy - small lines and waterspots abound.  looks fine from a distance,perhaps not bright enough. 

THen I actually did some work on the back trying to recreate shadows and brights of my Ref photos. 





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thanks Glitterwolf - that axe is getting a lot of love. 

today was, you guessed it - more axe.  Mostly on the handle 


Rigel - I like the skin from a distance, but I am a bit of a loss with the blue.  I have all these tricks on caucasion skin, to make it look like real skin but I am not sure how to treat blue.


I found a base for him, but what I really think he needs is a rock (or humansized door) to stand in front of.   The door would give his very squared-up stance some meaning.  I'm seeing it slightly open with light coming out from the crack.... 


while a big rock would give him some landscape to dwell in.  Im considering that rune-covered rock from bones 2 - 



or something similar but homemade.   

either way, he is going to need a bigger platform to stand on. 


suggestions welcome. 


7 hours. 


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Paint club day. 

worked a lot on the back of the skirt, and started NMM on his shin. 


the little buttons are driving me nuts.  The really need blacklining, so they stand out, then deeper shadows.  

I think ill call it 1.5 hrs work and 2 hrs socializing. 

weirdly a friend from church showed up to paint.  He works with one of the regular painters, which I had not put together, I thought they were just in similar fields. 


remaining tasks: 

underside of axe 


buttons on skirt 

raise highlights on the helmet 

leather padding under bracers. 

metal horn caps.

bear issues 





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mostly did basing today: 

This is my first time using highdensity foam.  i cut a pice 2" tall then cut it in half.  

I did lines on it with a pen, then spray primed it black.  on the shorter wall I started into greys, but I might go with tan instead. 


I think the round base works better options? 





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I think the path is too squared up.   instead of this, ill cut it between his footprints and have it curve.  

unfortunately I used all my remaining Milliput for this.  The part I didn't use got turned into a chest for dungeon dressing. 

Hobby Lobby was out, so now  I have to wait for it to come by mail. 


I am also planning on an icy footprint left on the path from where he shifted his feet.  

and then covering lost of the ground and milliput with fake snow.  I like the baking soda/modge podge combination best (it is the largest patch in my test area) 


Anyway I may tinker with the giant as I spotted some color transitions on the back of the axe and a foot that could use better blending. 

but otherwise it will likely be a week before I get back to this.  sigh. 

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time has passed ....

my milliput arrived


I like the way the bent path worked out, breaks up the squareness of the scene.

the bricks were drawn in this time, the first part of the path was taken from a stamp pad. 


I tried leaving an icy footprint on the path out of milliput,  but decided it was too thick. 

the second try was painting the same area with my snow-mix 

I am going with a mix of modge-podge and baking powder.  I have some fake citadel snow, an might use it for dusting the top.

miking Baking soda and Elmers glue makes a hard-packed icy texture, I may use that on the path. 


Now  I am dissatisfied with the door in the wall.  I think ill go back and do that stone wall again, making the door smaller and straighter.  

I'm glad I left the walls removable.  

I have to wait overnight for the snow to dry before I make further decisions about that part.  



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